Integrate and Automate Your Amazon Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Amazon Marketplace Connector (AMC)

Is the amount of time it takes to manually process your Amazon orders preventing you from scaling your Amazon business? Automate these processes and take your business to the next level with ESYON‘s Amazon Marketplace Connector.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Processing

Drive growth through Automation

With ESYON‘s Amazon Marketplace Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365, revolutionize your marketplace business! Say goodbye to manual customer management, order processing, and financial accounting. Focus on growing your business and let us help you make it scalable.

Our solution automatically integrates the data from your Amazon Seller Central with your Dynamics 365, eliminating the need for manual processing. This automation gives you an overview of your finances and allows you to manage downstream processes right in Dynamics 365, such as returns management, posting of financial transactions, and revenue and cost controlling. In addition, if you are a FBA customer you can set a trigger for a reorder when your stock in Amazon’s warehouse runs low.

By fully automating all these processes, ESYON’s AMC helps make your Amazon business, whether FBA or FBM, a success! It doesn't matter which Marketplace you sell on - the AMC is compatible with all Amazon domains.

Automatic Processing, Maximum Control

Powerful features from a Single Solution

Order Processing

The Amazon Marketplace Connector imports orders from Amazon Seller Central directly into your Microsoft ERP so you can manage everything all in one place. The status of your orders can be viewed at any time. You can create automated workflows to process orders and send shipping information to Amazon.

Centralized Data-Management

ESYON’s AMC automatically synchronizes all relevant data (e.g. order and customer information, inventory levels) between Amazon and Microsoft Dynamics 365, allowing you to manage your data in a familiar Office environment so you don’t have to change how you process your orders. Changes are synced with Amazon, ensuring a uniform database.


With the AMC you have a clear overview of your payment flows. This applies to account posting as well as to General Ledger and your Amazon Clearing Account. Incoming and outgoing payments can be managed in your Dynamics standard.


The Connector automates returns management and facilitates the processing of returns and refunds. You can track the status of your returns at any time.


The Amazon Marketplace Connector provides a precise and complete overview of the settlements between you as a seller and Amazon. A comparison with the Amazon Settlement Report also makes it easy to verify the accuracy of your data

Inventory Management

With our AMC you can manage your inventory directly in your Microsoft ERP. It doesn't matter whether you fulfill orders yourself or use FBA.  Real-time synchronization of your inventory prevents shortages and enables timely reordering.

The next level for your Amazon business

All advantages at a glance


With the AMC, you can scale your business and pave the way for further growth..

Familiar Working Environment

The Dynamics ERP has been adapted to the Microsoft Office package. This makes familiarization particularly easy.

Full Control

All product and financial information is synchronized in real time, giving you full control.

Improved Data Analysis

Our solution enables you to analyze your online business data and control billing.


Our AMC reduces workload and enables a faster return on investment.

Efficient Customer Management

Our integration optimizes customer management, inventory updates and cost calculation.

A Microsoft-verified solution for your business

Our Amazon Connector is available in the Microsoft AppSource and Amazon Partner Store

Our Amazon Connector, verified by Microsoft as a preferred solution, is available on AppSource and the Amazon Partnerstore. Utilize our integration to scale your business and increase the efficiency of your work processes.

Blog & Case Studies

STIGA Sports Automates Its Amazon Business with the Amazon Marketplace Connector

As a traditional company, the Swedish sports equipment manufacturer STIGA Sports distributes a wide range of products including table tennis equipment, padels, Snow Racers, and other sports and leisure items. Besides the classic distribution business, where the manufacturer exports many of its items to countries such as China, Japan, Canada, and numerous other countries, one business area proves to be a real growth engine: e-commerce. STIGA records a continuous increase in sales both for its own online store and its Amazon marketplace presence. The Amazon Marketplace Connector from ESYON has been in use for the latter since January 2023.

We revisited the project together with Ulrika Zetterfeldt, a member of STIGA Sports' financial accounting team. In an interview, she told us about the challenges STIGA faces in its daily business with Amazon and how exactly ESYON is helping with this.

Manuelle processes as time-consuming: Why you should automate your Amazon order process with Microsoft Dynamics

The Amazon Marketplace receives over 2.1 billion visits worldwide every month. This popularity presents enormous revenue potential, making it attractive to sellers from almost all industries and sizes. However, the theoretical order volume stands in stark contrast to what sellers can manually process in Microsoft Dynamics 365. To address this, ESYON has developed the Amazon Marketplace Connector, enabling the automation of numerous standard processes in daily business operations. In this post, we'll explain the possibilities our solution offers and why you should automate your Amazon order processing.

Integrate Amazon Inventory Management: Accurate and Efficient Processes for Your Business

Online marketplaces like Amazon & Co. are popular among customers because they offer a wide range of products and a particularly convenient shopping experience: With just a few clicks, the desired item is in the shopping cart, and the ordering process is completed. Shortly after, sometimes as soon as the next day, the customer receives their goods.

To consistently meet these quality standards, merchants face daily challenges in terms of inventory management. Within a short period, the product must be located, packed, picked, and shipped from the warehouse. Companies should keep a close eye on their inventory at all times. Selling something that is no longer available can lead to dissatisfied customers and potential damage to the company's image.

To ensure you are protected from these and other issues, this article will show you how to integrate and automate your Amazon Inventory Management with Microsoft Dynamics.

Seamless integrations in action

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