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Custom Products for Your Online Shop

Web Product Configurator

Offer your customers their desired product. With ESYON's Web Product Configurator, you can create products in Dynamics ERP that customers can customize individually on your webshop. Providing a personalized customer experience has never been easier.

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Customer Engagement through Customization

Achieving E-commerce Success with Configurable Items

Do you offer customized products or items for your customers? If so, your online shop should reflect this service by allowing customers to configure their own desired products step-by-step. As experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365, ESYON has developed the perfect solution for this. "With our Product Configurator, the entire product configuration from Microsoft Dynamics can be transferred to your webshop and executed there." This creates a convenient ordering process that operates entirely through your e-commerce platform, thereby reducing the workload on your customer service team. At the same time, you enhance customer engagement and ensure long-term satisfaction and increased sales.

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Functional Order Process Without Compromise

Features of the Product Configurator

Constraint-Based Configuration

You set the framework for product assembly directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Immediate plausibility checks ensure that customer inputs adhere to these framework guidelines at all times.

Multi-Level Variant Creation

Available configuration variants can be organized using a hierarchical tree structure. This allows for multi-level assembly configurations, greatly simplifying the ordering process.

Configuration-Dependent Pricing

Prices displayed in the shop are updated based on the configuration chosen. Customers can directly see how each variant affects the total price and choose the configuration that best fits their budget.

Real-Time Synchronization

Changes to your variants are centrally managed in Microsoft ERP. Information is synchronized in real-time with the webshop, ensuring it is always up to date.

Custom Quote Creation

In addition to configuration-based pricing, you can create and send custom quotes to your customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Full Functionality

You don't have to compromise on functionality. All product configuration logics from Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be fully implemented in your webshop.

More Engagement, More Satisfaction

All Benefits at a Glance

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With the Product Configurator, you offer your customers a personalized shopping experience that enhances satisfaction.

Reduced Error Proneness

Centralized data management minimizes error sources and simplifies product management for your team.

Simplified ordering Process.

Product configuration can be done directly on the online shop without needing assistance from your customer service.

Increased Engagement

Customers build their desired products step by step, boosting engagement and reducing cart abandonment.

Sales Flexibility

Offering personalized deals provides existing customers with attractive terms, strengthening business relationships.

Increased Revenue

Tailored products meet your customers' needs precisely, leading to higher sales volumes.

Microsoft verified solution for your business

Our web product configurator in Microsoft AppSource

Our Web Product Configurator, verified by Microsoft as the preferred solution, is available on the AppSource. Use our integration to scale your business and increase the efficiency of your work processes.

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Seamless integrations in action

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