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We offer E-Commerce solutions for Dynamics 365: ERP, PIM & e-portals

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Your Solution for Efficiency and Competitiveness!

In today's digital economy, optimized business processes play a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing competitiveness. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an advanced, integrated solution designed to tackle these challenges.
With our specialized expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and a deep understanding of e-commerce processes, we offer you a clear advantage: We analyze your company's specific requirements and identify key areas where automation and improvement can lead to significant efficiency gains. Our expertise allows us to implement targeted customizations and automations for your e-commerce platform, enabling you to save time and use resources more effectively.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration is suitable for:

Additionally, we offer suitable PIM system solutions, professional web design services, and comprehensive accessibility audits that comply with legal requirements.

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Expertise in Digital Transformation

Our Know-How

We support your company in digitizing and optimizing your commercial processes. We provide comprehensive consulting and offer customized solutions to simplify and automate your processes.

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We are committed to the individual needs of our customers and assist you in developing a customized B2B e-commerce platform. We place particular emphasis on usability and customer experience to ensure a seamless shopping experience, thereby enhancing your company's success.

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With our Product Information Management (PIM), we help you take control of your product data. We establish a central data management system that seamlessly serves all your channels, allowing you to manage all output channels flawlessly with your PIM system.

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We seamlessly integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your e-commerce processes, ensuring increased automation and efficiency. Our expert team develops solutions tailored precisely to your company's needs.

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Our expert team designs the frontend of your e-commerce platform to align with the latest trends and customer needs in terms of customer experience and content.

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Innovative Solutions through Expertise

Your go-to partner for B2B e-Commerce systems and retail process automation

We offer tailored solutions to optimize your business processes and increase efficiency. With our expertise, we support you in digitizing your sales channels and automating your trade processes.
Our goal is to provide comprehensive consultation and implementation tailored to your needs. We always keep the overall project in mind and translate your individual requirements into standard solutions. This ensures seamless integration into your existing systems.
Benefit from our reliability, collaborative customer relationships, and proactive, fast, and uncomplicated (issue) resolution. Explore the future of B2B e-commerce and trade process automation with ESYON.

Synergies for Your Digital Success

Increased Efficiency through E-commerce Integrations


More than 10 years of expertise in e-commerce

Over the past 12 years, we have developed, implemented, and scaled over 300 digital business models in the B2C, B2B, and B2B2C sectors. Today, these projects generate over €6 billion in annual revenue.

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Standardized solutions, individual support

Efficiency enhancement and digitalization - Together towards optimized business processes.

We offer tailor-made strategies to optimize your business processes and increase your efficiency. With our extensive expertise, we support you in digitalizing your sales channels and automating your commercial processes. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive consultation and implementation, specifically tailored to your needs. Together, we will develop a solution that drives your company forward and gives you a competitive edge.

Prepare for a new era of efficiency improvement and digitization, and let us work together to optimize your business processes.

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Voltus GoLive: A Successful Combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud, and OXID eShop in B2B and B2C E-Commerce
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Innovations don't happen overnight. It's a process of courage, vision, coupled with a touch of madness – just like the recent merger of ESYON and c&c concepts and creations, which seamlessly merges the design and technology world. What started as a small idea in early 2023 has evolved into a vibrant reality in 2024. The fusion of professional web design from Mönchengladbach with the technically savvy e-commerce solution from Leipzig demonstrates how creating synergies becomes a key success factor for the client portfolio.

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