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OXID eShop for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

Are you looking to optimize your e-commerce processes and eliminate time-consuming tasks? With the ESYON Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can transform your OXID shop into a functional e-commerce platform, enabling you to automate numerous workflows and make your business more efficient.

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Maximal Efficiency

Scale your e-commerce-business

How much time does your team spend on the manual management of orders, customer data, order processing, and returns? The answer is simple: Too much! By implementing automated business processes, you can make your company capable of growth and pave the way for long-term success in e-commerce.

OXID eShop stands out as a robust shop system with stable processes and tremendous customization capabilities, providing a solid foundation for your e-commerce strategy. To achieve maximum efficiency and speed, integrating your OXID store with an ERP system is essential.

One ERP system that has proven its worth in conjunction with OXID eShop is Microsoft Dynamics 365. With years of experience in the Microsoft ecosystem, ESYON has developed the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector for OXID. This connector seamlessly integrates your online shop with the ERP system, eliminating the need for manual management. By digitalizing and automating numerous standard processes, you can achieve higher efficiency and scalability in your work. You can centrally manage all product, customer, and order data in your ERP system, ensuring that you always maintain control over your business.

One solution, many features

Features of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connectors


Set up as many online shops as you like and manage them centrally in Microsoft Dynamics. Any changes made will be automatically synchronized across all points of sale (PoS), ensuring a consistent database


Get to know your customers. With the integrated CRM features, you can assign your buyers to the channels that best suit them. Manual customer data entry becomes unnecessary. You can also create quotes directly through the Microsoft ERP.

Configurable products

Offer your customers their desired product. With our web product configurator, you can create product variations in Microsoft Dynamics, allowing customers to assemble configurable products directly in the webshop


Your platform can also be hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This ensures maximum reliability and provides full flexibility for your system capacities

Automated order management

Incoming orders are processed directly in Microsoft Dynamics, and all necessary information is communicated to your logistics team. Automatic order confirmation and invoice dispatch save your team a lot of time.

Customized pricing strategies

Especially in the B2B sector, tiered pricing and quantity discounts are essential for long-term success. With our integration, you can set individual prices in the ERP system and display them in your online shop.

Maximal comfort, for you and your customers

The benefits at a glance


Manage each of your points of sale (PoS) centrally in an ERP system and enjoy all the advantages of an omnichannel strategy.


You accelerate your processes and eliminate numerous sources of possible errors. Both lead to time and cost savings.

Short Time-to-Market

With OXID eShop and Microsoft Dynamics as your ERP, your e-commerce platform can be ready for launch in no time.

Familiar working environment

Your team manages your OXID shop from the familiar Microsoft environment, which greatly simplifies day-to-day operations.

Increased customer loyalty

You improve your user experience, increase customer retention, and enhance your company's long-term image.


Your e-commerce platform can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business and can be expanded with numerous systems.

Microsoft verified solution for your business

Our OXID eShop for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector in AppSource

Our OXID eShop for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector, verified by Microsoft as the preferred solution, is available in the AppSource. Use our integration to scale your business and increase the efficiency of your work processes.

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Blog & Case Studies

Person using the erfal app on a mobile phone
Fit für den Mobile Commerce: Onlineshop-Modernisierung bei erfal

Bereits von 2016-2017 durften wir den Launch des ersten Webshops der erfal GmbH & Co. KG begleiten. In einem Folgeprojekt wurde der B2B-Store modernisiert und vor allem für mobile Endgeräte optimiert. Wir haben das Projekt mit Martin Spinnler, Webshop Manager bei erfal, Revue passieren lassen und eine erste Bilanz gezogen, wie der Onlineshop nach dem Relaunch von Kunden angenommen wird.

Laptop with Lekkerland Website
Im Gespräch mit Lekkerland Österreich: Warum fiel die Wahl auf ESYON als Anbieter für PIM & Webshop?

Für das Online-Business von Lekkerland Österreich wurde eine E-Commerce-Lösung geschaffen, welche speziell auf die B2B-Umgebung zugeschnitten ist und keine Wünsche mehr offenlässt. Es wurde ein moderner Webshop erstellt und mit dem Perfion PIM durch ESYON integriert. Die Kombination aus Onlineshop, PIM plus ERP von Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Promis API und EasyCatalog ergibt eine hochgradig integrierte Systemlandschaft, die in nur wenigen Monaten entstanden und seit April 2022 live ist.

Im Interview mit Marketingleiter Thomas Brandstetter lassen wir das Projekt noch einmal gemeinsam Revue passieren, unterhalten uns über die Wünsche sowie Anforderungen und darüber, wie diese letztendlich umgesetzt wurden.

Four people sitting at a table and one man looking at camera
Usability und CX im Shop richtig umsetzen: So verbessern Sie Ihre Customer Experience

Die Customer Experience wird im Onlinehandel immer wichtiger. Bei der Erfüllung der Kundenanforderungen hängt der B2B-E-Commerce aber oft noch deutlich hinter dem B2C-Sektor zurück. Dabei erwarten auch immer mehr Geschäftskunden ein ähnlich individuelles und intuitives Einkaufserlebnis, das sie auch als Privatkäufer gewohnt sind. In diesem Beitrag wollen wir uns deshalb anschauen, was die Begriffe Usability und Customer Experience genau beschreiben und wieso es sich lohnt, die Nutzererfahrung Ihres B2B-Shops zu verbessern. Wir stellen Ihnen effektive Maßnahmen vor, die Sie auf Ihren E-Commerce anwenden können.

Seamless integrations in action

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