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Are You Still Manually Entering Amazon Orders into Your ERP?

In Brief

Why you should automate your Amazon order process

Automating processes frees up resources that would otherwise be tied up in manually transferring orders from Amazon Seller Central to your ERP. These resources are not only expensive but also restrict your growth – what happens if you cannot process all of the orders placed by customers on your Amazon Marketplace?  With automation it is easy to scale your business – your resources can be focused on increasing sales, while the processing of the orders requires little additional work.  


Automation is also important for your external image, as customers expect fast and error-free delivery of their goods. When you can meet these expectations, your customers give you better ratings on Amazon, which helps to increase your Amazon sales.  

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Each Amazon order takes five to ten minutes to process manually.

On average, it takes five-to-ten minutes to manually process an Amazon order in Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


When you look at each step of the process, it becomes clear why manual processing is so time-consuming. You must:

  1. Check customer data
  2. Create a new customer if one does not exist
  3. Create a new order
  4. Enter the ordered items
  5. Compare prices
  6. Initiate the financial process (post payment to the correct accounts + reconcile Amazon’s settlement report).

Using these metrics, it is easy to calculate how many resources you would need for a two- or even three-digit order volume. If you get just 120 Amazon orders a week, you would need an additional part-time person to process them; if you get 250 Amazon orders a week, it would require the equivalent of a full-time employee.  


It quickly becomes apparent: Manual processes place restrictions on your company's growth. Moreover, they are error-prone - you may need even more time to correct mistakes.

Don’t just save time, improve how you manage your business.

As soon as you integrate your Amazon Seller Central with Microsoft Dynamics 365 using ESYON’s Amazon Marketplace Connector, you automate all of your processes and save the personnel costs of manually entering customer orders, as well as other data such as inventory, returns, fees, and taxes. This automation frees up resources you can then use to improve your Amazon business. But automation has additional advantages.

Automation eliminates errors associated with manual data entry, giving you accurate information while further reducing the processing time otherwise required for making corrections. More importantly, error-free and quick processing increases customer satisfaction.

For managing all of your finance and operations processes, it also makes sense to integrate all of your Amazon data with Microsoft Dynamics. You then have a clear overview that includes information from all of your channels of the sales, inventory, and financial data you need to run your business.



Amazon and Microsoft Dynamics 365: Sync your Systems!

Worldwide, Amazon Marketplace gets over 2.1 billion views each month. This popularity holds enormous sales potential and makes the corporate giant attractive to retailers of all sizes. However, the theoretical order volume likely far exceeds what retailers can manually process in Microsoft Dynamics 365. To solve this problem, ESYON has developed the Amazon Marketplace Connector, which automates numerous standard processes necessary for running your day-to-day operations.

Features of the Amazon Marketplace Connector

Bulk import and updates of orders: The Amazon Marketplace Connector’s key functionality is the bulk import of Amazon orders into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our solution allows for querying orders by time and marketplace, making it possible to import multiple orders simultaneously, although you can import a single order if necessary. Because the order status in Amazon changes frequently, we recommend performing multiple imports daily. Our connector waits for the final status before saving the order information and only imports orders with a status of “shipped” or “canceled.”

Creation of orders: In addition to bulk imports, new orders can also be created as sales orders in Microsoft Dynamics, and a button can trigger creation. However, a batch parameter can also be set to automatically create orders.

Management customer data: The Amazon Marketplace Connector eliminates the need to create and maintain customer data in your ERP manually. A new customer is automatically created when an order is received in a batch upload from your Amazon Seller Central. If the customer is already in your Dynamics 365, the order can be assigned to an existing customer.

Batch posting of orders: With our solution, manual posting of orders is no longer necessary, as a batch command can also be set up for this step. Orders from batch uploads can be checked at any time.
Allocation of discounts: Discounts and charges applied to an order on Amazon are also imported and directly integrated into the sales order and further documented in your financial data.

Processing delivery addresses for FBM orders: If you ship your orders yourself (FBM = Fulfillment by Merchant), you need to manage your customers' delivery addresses. Our solution can also transfer this information to Microsoft Dynamics.

Creation and assignment of default customers per marketplace: Default customers make it easier to manage orders. The Amazon Marketplace Connector allows you to create default customers that you can assign to individual Amazon Marketplaces. This feature is beneficial for businesses that sell internationally.

Destination-based processing of taxes and fees: Depending on the destination country you are shipping to, different VAT rates and Amazon fees may apply. Our ERP integration can automatically detect and assign these based on your customer’s shipping address.

We also automate your Amazon business!

For more than 10 years, we have been realizing e-commerce projects for medium-sized businesses, gaining first-hand knowledge. We are happy to support you in taking your Amazon business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Automating Amazon Order Processing in Microsoft Dynamics

How long does it take to manually process Amazon orders in Dynamics 365?

To manually enter a single Amazon order into Dynamics 365, you need to allow 5-10 minutes. For this reason, manual entry restricts the ability of your Amazon business to grow above a certain order volume without hiring additional staff. By automating your processes you save not just time - you make your Amazon business scalable.


Which elements of Amazon order processing can be automated with Microsoft Dynamics?

By using ESYON’s Amazon Marketplace Connector you integrate your Amazon Seller Central data with your Microsoft Dynamics, automating most standard processes. This includes importing, creating, and posting orders, as well as processing discounts, Amazon charges, and taxes.  
ESYON’s Amazon Connector allows you to increase your Amazon business without back-end processes limiting your growth. Even better – it gives you the data you need to need to run your business.