Manuelle processes as time-consuming: Why you should automate your Amazon order process with Microsoft Dynamics

The Amazon Marketplace receives over 2.1 billion visits worldwide every month. This popularity presents enormous revenue potential, making it attractive to sellers from almost all industries and sizes. However, the theoretical order volume stands in stark contrast to what sellers can manually process in Microsoft Dynamics 365. To address this, ESYON has developed the Amazon Marketplace Connector, enabling the automation of numerous standard processes in daily business operations. In this post, we'll explain the possibilities our solution offers and why you should automate your Amazon order processing.

In Brief

Why you should automate your Amazon order process

Automating processes paves the way for scaling your business. Automation frees up resources that would otherwise be tied up in manually transferring your orders to your ERP. This allows you and your company to focus on your core business. Automation is also essential for external perception, as customers appreciate fast and error-free processes, which can improve your company's image.

5-10 minutes for processing an Amazon order

On average, manually processing an Amazon order in Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes 5-10 minutes. The reasons for this become clear when we consider each individual step. If you were to manually enter an Amazon order into Microsoft Dynamics, you would have to: Check the ordering customer Create a new customer if not already present Create a new order Enter ordered items Compare prices Initiate the financial process (booking payment flows into the correct accounts + reconciling Amazon's settlement report) Based on these efforts, it is easy to calculate how many resources you would need every day for a two- or even three-digit order volume. It quickly becomes apparent that manual processes set natural limits on your company's growth. Additionally, they are highly error-prone, requiring even more time for corrections.

Automating your Amazon order processing brings more than just time savings

Once you integrate your Amazon business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and automate standard processes, you save the amount of time mentioned above - with each order. This allows you to refocus on the essential aspects of daily business. Automation also brings other advantages. Minimizing error sources provides more security and reduces your support requests, leading to increased customer satisfaction. For monitoring, it also makes sense to transfer your transactions via Amazon to Microsoft Dynamics. Here, all your sales channels come together, giving you a clear overview of each of your points of sale and your financial data.

Bringing both systems into alignment

Amazon and Microsoft Dynamics 365

Only when an ERP like Microsoft Dynamics 365 is seamlessly integrated into all business processes can it fully leverage its strengths and make your daily business activities easier. To bring your ERP into harmony with your Amazon business and fully automate your order processing, we have developed the Amazon Marketplace Connector.

Features of the Amazon Marketplace Connector

  • Automatic Customer Management: With the Amazon Marketplace Connector, manually creating and maintaining customer data in your ERP becomes unnecessary. When an order is received, a new customer can be automatically created if needed.
  • Bulk Import and Update of Orders: The most critical functionality of the Amazon Marketplace Connector is the bulk import of Amazon orders into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our solution allows you to query orders by time and marketplace and import multiple orders at once. Importing a single order is also possible on request. Since the order status often changes, we recommend multiple daily imports. Our Connector waits for the final status before saving the order information and only imports orders with the status "Shipped" or "Cancelled."
  • Order Creation: In addition to importing, new sales orders can also be created in Microsoft Dynamics. The creation can be triggered via a button. A batch paradigm can also be set up for automatic creation.
  • Batch Posting of Orders: With our solution, manually posting orders is no longer necessary, as a batch command can be set up for this step as well. Orders processed with batch jobs can be checked at any time.
  • Creation and Assignment of Default Customers per Marketplace: Default customers can make order management easier. The Amazon Marketplace Connector enables the creation of default customers that can be assigned to individual Amazon marketplaces. This feature is particularly useful for companies selling internationally.
  • Destination-based Processing of Taxes and Fees: Depending on the destination country to which you ship, different VAT rates and/or Amazon fees may apply. Our ERP integration can automatically recognize and allocate them based on your customer's delivery address.

We also automate your Amazon business!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Automating Amazon Order Processing in Microsoft Dynamics

How long does manual Amazon order processing in Microsoft Dynamics take?

To manually enter a single Amazon order into Microsoft Dynamics 365, you should plan for 5-10 minutes. Therefore, manual effort hampers the growth of your company once you reach a certain order volume. To save time and make your Amazon business scalable, you should automate your processes.

Which areas of Amazon order processing can be automated with Microsoft Dynamics?

By integrating your Amazon business into your Microsoft Dynamics, you can automate most standard processes. This includes importing, creating, and posting orders, as well as processing discounts, Amazon fees, and taxes. For automation, we recommend using our Amazon solution.


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