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Efficient Product Information Management

Perfion-2-OXID (P2O)

Make it easy for your customers to buy from you by giving them detailed and appealing product information that leaves no questions unanswered. With our Perfion-2-OXID solution, you can use the Perfion PIM to efficiently maintain your product data and easily distribute it to your OXID shop, and thus generate more sales.

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High-quality Product Data for Your e-Commerce Platform

Is your product information compelling? High-quality product data is the be-all and end-all of e-commerce. As an official Perfion Solution Partner, ESYON has developed the P2O, a solution that allows you to seamlessly integrate the Perfion PIM, one of the most trusted product information management systems, with your existing OXID e-commerce platform. Perfion acts as a single source of truth and provides a centralized source for all your article information.

With a PERFION2OXID connection, you can efficiently manage your product text, categories, images, and videos and distribute them directly to your OXID store. It doesn't matter whether the information is monolingual or multilingual. By automating your product data management, the P2O gives you back valuable time you can use to focus on your core business.

Revolutionize Your Product Information Management



Automate the distribution of your product information. Specify fixed intervals or have the synchronization performed in real time.

Integrated Filter Functions

Decide which product information you want to share with your customers. Integrated filter functions allow you to specify properties and products that should appear in the web portal.


Go international! Thanks to its multilingual capability, ESYON’s P2O is particularly useful if you currently operate  internationally or are planning to in the near future.

Centralized Data Management

Avoid errors and loss of information. All product data is stored centrally in one system and distributed to each of your OXID web portals.. The P2O allows you to retain full control over your data.

Creation of Labeling Templates

Many industries are subject to labeling regulations, such as the food industry. Use the Report Designer to create templates that help you meet legal requirements with minimal effort.

Seamless integration

With ESYON’s P2O, you integrate both Perfion and OXID seamlessly and without losing any data into your existing software environment, e.g. to complement an ERP such as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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More efficiency, More Sales, More Success

All advantages at a glance

Improved Shopping Experience

High-quality product information improves the shopping experience and increases customer satisfaction.


Seamless integration means you preserve familiar processes and investments in your existing system environment.

Save Time and Costs

Thanks to centralized data management, you minimize administrative tasks, saving time and money.

Increase Sales

By optimizing your data management, you will generate more sales and more revenue.


You can connect additional OXID web portals and build a sustainable omnichannel business.

Consistent Product Information Across All Media

Cross-channel synchronization of product database ensures consistency and prevents errors and disappearing data.

Seamless integrations in action

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