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High-quality product data, maximum customer satisfaction

Perfion PIM

Do you want high-quality product data that convinces your customers completely? Perfion PIM enables central product data management across all sales channels.

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One solution to manage all your data

Single Point of Truth

How would you assess the quality of your product data? The fact is: Since online customers cannot try out a product before purchasing, there is nothing more crucial than meaningful product descriptions, images, and videos. However, managing all article master data across multiple sales channels becomes a significant workload and carries a high risk of errors, particularly with a wide range of products.

With product data management systems like Perfion PIM, you can revolutionize the administration of your product information and streamline your processes. The PIM serves as a Single Point of Truth and becomes the central data source for your company. As a certified Perfion Solution Partner, ESYON possesses all the necessary resources to implement your PIM system and provide training to your employees in using the software.

Centralized input, seamless integration, and multilingual capability

This is Perfion

Centralized Datamanagement

With Perfion, you enter your product data once for each of your sales channels, enabling efficient data management. Product data can also be provided as a catalog upon request.

Seamless System-integration

Perfion can be easily integrated into an existing software landscape and connected to various systems, such as ERPs, without any issues.

Multilingual capability

Perfion allows you to manage your product data in various languages. If you collaborate with translation agencies, they can be integrated into the workflow of your system.

Data modeling

Employees from various departments of the company collaborate together to create data of the highest quality. Your team has access to diverse features that can be adjusted as needed and expanded with external sources.

Usage of classification standards

Many wholesalers categorize their products using classification standards such as ETIM. These standards can also be integrated into Perfion, ensuring a consistent data foundation.

Label templates

To comply with legal labeling regulations, such as nutritional information, hazard warnings, etc., you create and maintain label templates through the report designer of the PIM.

More revenue, less resources

Profit from these advantages.

Improved Shopping Experience

High-quality product information improves the shopping experience and increases customer satisfaction.

Increase Sales.

By optimizing your data management, you will generate more sales and more revenue.

Save Time and Costs

Thanks to centralized data management, you minimize administrative tasks, saving time and money.

Omnichannel Strategy

By putting in minimal effort, you can tap into new sales channels and enjoy all the benefits of an omnichannel strategy.

Seamless Integration

Perfion seamlessly integrates into your system landscape without impacting existing processes or investments.

Elimination of media breaks.

The cross-channel synchronization of your product information ensures a unified and consistent data foundation.

Seamless integrations in action

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