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The Voltus GmbH, based in Lübeck, Germany, is a leading provider of electrical materials and lighting solutions. Voltus offers an extensive range of electrical products and places great emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive service.

In May 2023, ESYON GmbH began a collaboration with Voltus GmbH to develop and optimize the new OXID ePortal. The focus of this project was on the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O.

As part of the ERP integration, nearly 35,000 products were successfully incorporated into the system. Together with Voltus, ESYON expanded the ePortal with modern functionalities to offer an optimized shopping experience for both B2C and B2B customers. These enhancements led to a significant improvement in the portal's performance. Additionally, a re-design is planned to give the portal a fresher appearance.

Thanks to the successful collaboration with Voltus and the ERP partner, Modus GmbH, the new ePortal went live in May 2024. The portal is characterized by its speed, attractiveness, and user-friendliness, and is expected to significantly increase customer satisfaction.

The ePortal will be continuously developed to optimally adapt to customer needs and always ensure a first-class shopping experience.

Go-live: May 2024


Otto Fischer

Otto Fischer AG is a leading Swiss electrical wholesaler and a traditional family business. The company offers high-quality electronic products for professional electrical installations.

In April 2020, ESYON, together with Otto-Fischer AG, initiated the project to launch a new ePortal. The main goal was to improve user-friendliness by introducing new filter options and establishing a modern system landscape.

Throughout the project, ESYON successfully integrated the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O as well as the Perfion PIM system at Otto-Fischer. The modern customer portal enables B2B customers to generate returns from various shopping carts, manage construction projects, and retrieve customized evaluations via embedded Power BI. Additionally, a call center module allows users to log in with different accounts. An app for iOS and Android was also developed.

The new ePortal went live in May 2023. ESYON is proud of the successful outcome and looks forward to further collaboration with Otto-Fischer AG.

Go-live: May 2023


Wetrok is a leading Swiss company specializing in modern cleaning technology, focused on developing cleaning machines and cleaning chemicals. With a comprehensive range of products, Wetrok offers individualized customer consultation and maximum customer proximity.

The implementation of Perfion as a PIM system at Wetrok AG has enabled efficient management of product data in 11 languages. The centralized data storage allows for diverse application possibilities. Notably, catalog production in the print sector has been partially automated through Perfion in combination with the database publishing tool EasyCatalog, leading to a significant reduction in production time.

Future plans include supplying Perfion with additional master product data from the ERP system to further optimize data maintenance processes. Additionally, Perfion will be integrated with Shopware, allowing the webshop to also benefit from the centralized data source Perfion.


Konrad Kleiner is a medium-sized wholesale company offering products in the areas of steel, building services, building fittings, building supplies, and tools. The company is a significant player in the industry and is also a member of the Eurobaustoff construction materials trade cooperation.


Bachofen has been a leading company in industrial automation since 1945. They offer high-quality products and comprehensive services in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Their commitment to continuous innovation and the success of their customers is based on trust and long-term partnerships.


Fischer Sports GmbH is a global leader in Nordic skiing, known for innovation and cutting-edge technology. Fischer is also one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality ice hockey sticks. Fischer's vision is to be the brand of choice for winter sports enthusiasts through outstanding products that set a new standard of individual performance for eternal moments.


Alpen-MAYKESTAG produces high-quality solid carbide and HSS cutting tools. Their core competencies lie in the development and production of drills, milling cutters, reamers, countersinks, milling pins, and special tools.


Neovac is your leading provider of solutions for the intelligent use, protection, and storage of energy and water. Their holistic and resource-efficient solutions, based on 50 years of expertise, will shape the sustainable future.


Birner is the only wholesaler in Austria with locations in all nine federal states. This enables them to provide fast and punctual delivery of auto accessories and high-quality automotive spare parts.


Kubo is your fast, flexible, and innovative partner for seals, springs, protective covers, connections, and rubber molded parts. Your service understanding and technological expertise set you apart from others. Special challenges motivate you to develop tailored solutions that will inspire your customers.


VALETTA Sun Protection Technology GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of the VALETTA brand to specialist retailers. VALETTA has an extensive dealer network throughout Austria with more than 280 specialist partners.


Rotkäppchen-Mumm, as the market leader in the sparkling wine and spirits sector, combines tradition and innovation. With strong brands, dedicated employees, and a clear vision for the future, they set the standard. They place great value on consistently high quality, the use of modern technologies, and a responsible corporate culture.

The central product management in Perfion ensures seamless integration of all e-commerce channels and the transfer of master data from the ERP system. In doing so, the specific requirements and declaration regulations of the food and spirits industry are continuously taken into account.


C. Bergmann KG, based in Traun, is a specialist in construction, combining tradition and modernity. As one of the largest building materials companies in Austria, C. Bergmann KG offers everything related to tiles, building materials/high and civil engineering, glass, concrete, and doors.

C. Bergmann utilizes Perfion as a PIM system to manage its product data sourced from the ERP system. During the ERP system migration, ESYON successfully supported the adaptation of interfaces between ERP and Perfion to ensure a seamless transition.

Perfion acts as the data source for the database publishing tool EasyCatalog, enabling various sales departments at C. Bergmann to partially automate their catalog creation, significantly reducing production time. In the future, it is planned that additional sales departments at C. Bergmann will benefit from this efficient catalog creation process.


ESYON customer since July 2023


Lekkerland Logo

Lekkerland sees itself as a convenient partner, offering its business customers "to-go" food and beverages. However, this is not the only business area of the Ternitz-based company; shop optimizations are also part of their portfolio. For their online shop, Lekkerland24.at, they needed a functional e-commerce platform that would leave no wish unfulfilled in the B2B sector.

The online store, based on OXID eShop, features a modern design with a mobile-first approach. The shop system is complemented by the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP, enabling a range of complex price calculations and discount promotions, as well as restricted customer assortments after login. Goods can also be quickly recorded with a handheld scanner. To simplify product data management, the Perfion PIM was integrated. Additionally, the Swiss company Markant was used as a data supplier, connected via the Promis API. Using EasyCatalog, product data in Perfion can be easily turned into printed materials in Adobe InDesign. This created a highly integrated system landscape in just a few months.

Go live: April 2022


Berlin Brands Group Logo

The Berlin Brands Group, Germany Chal-Tec GmbH, creates, develops, acquires, and scales brands worldwide, focusing exclusively on the Amazon Marketplace. The company serves renowned D2C brands such as Auna, Klarstein, and Capital Sports. The Berlin-based team aimed to simplify the integration of new merchants. Through collaboration with ESYON, the US brand Accubudy was successfully integrated.

To connect its brands to any Amazon Marketplace worldwide, the Berlin Brands Group relies on the Amazon Marketplace Connector from ESYON. New merchants are seamlessly linked to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP using the brand-new Seller API. The integration of the US-based sports and outdoor brand Accubudy was implemented as a pilot project.

Go live: February 2022


Go-Live: Februar 2022
Böcker Sourdough Logo

Ernst Böcker GmbH & Co. KG has been selling sourdough for home use for four generations. To ensure maximum quality and freshness for its customers, Böcker only produces its products upon order, necessitating fast and seamless processes.

ESYON developed a modern webshop for the family-owned company with a mobile-first approach as the top priority. Additionally, the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and the accounting software Billbee were integrated with the OXID eShop-based online store. The interplay of these systems allows for the automation of various background processes, such as invoicing and centralized product data management in the ERP system.

Go live: November 2021


erfal Logo

erfal GmbH & Co. KG enables its customers to create their individual living styles with a range of products including window coverings, sun protection, insect screens, Smart Home solutions, and innovative coatings. Since the company primarily conveys its design inspirations through images, ensuring these are accessible on all device types at any time was crucial.

We conducted a complete redesign of erfal's online shop with the goal of creating a functional and modern e-commerce platform that is also fully responsive for mobile devices. Concurrently with the relaunch, we launched a mobile app for iOS and Android. This app serves as a platform to communicate company news and product information to users.

Go live: September 2021


Praher Plastics Logo

As part of the Praher Group, Praher Plastics Austria GmbH manufactures high-quality plastic solutions. Within the project scope, various measures were implemented to enhance the company's inventory management, which is based on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP system.
Management of product images and texts was centralized within the ERP system, which also controls cross-selling and accessory management. Additionally, the system allows for the generation of customer-specific pricing. ESYON not only provided technical implementation but also advisory support in structuring and maintaining product information.

In addition to inventory management, the online presence of Praher Plastics Austria GmbH was modernized and visually revamped. Through a portal, customers can now download their invoices, and the availability status of items can be checked, which combines stock levels and replenishment times. As part of the modernization, international shipping options were also made available to customers.

Go live: April 2021


Maincor Logo

MAINCOR Rohrsysteme GmbH & Co. KG, based in Schweinfurt, specializes in manufacturing plastic pipes for heating and ventilation systems. As part of their digitalization strategy, they were in search of a new E-commerce solution. Their primary focus was on deeply integrating the webshop with their ERP system and Product Information Management (PIM) tool, as well as having a dedicated app available.

In response to these requirements, an E-commerce platform was developed that not only connects OXID eShop with the Infor ERP system but also integrates the Perfion PIM. Products, prices, stock levels, and other information are automatically synchronized. Orders placed through the webshop are transmitted to Infor for direct shipment. The "Atze-Taler" bonus program was integrated, and the sales team manages quotes and orders through a dedicated portal. Customers can use the barcode scanner in the Android and iOS app to quickly add products to their cart and replenish their inventory. In collaboration with MAINCOR and IT service provider nubibase, an extensive E-commerce project was realized within 2 years, culminating in its launch in November 2020.


We interviewed Michael Pfister from Maincor about the project. You can read here why he chose to collaborate with us, how the goals defined in the project were implemented, and what he told us about the new OXID eShop app:

Read the interview

Nozag Antriebstechnick Logo

Nozag AG manufactures standard parts for industrial use in drive technology. The products are predominantly produced in Switzerland and distributed worldwide. To cater to specific customer groups, they sought to open another sales channel. They were looking for a Swiss partner who could quickly realize a webshop, and found one in ESYON.

Within 12 months, an E-commerce platform was implemented that is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. A significant challenge was integrating complex calculations for packages, shipping costs, tiered pricing, and product combinations between OXID eShop and Dynamics AX. Nozag's customers benefit from an accessible shopping channel that is available 24/7 and tailored precisely to their needs.

Go live: January 2020


Mohawk Finishing Products Logo

RPM Wood Finishes Group, based in the USA, sells various products such as paints and primers. The Mohawk brand is primarily distributed in North America, while other brands are sold worldwide.

In 2019, RPM Wood Finishes Group decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance as their ERP solution. Concurrently, they aimed to streamline sales on Amazon. ESYON integrated the Amazon Marketplace Connector into RPM's Dynamics 365 environment. As a result, all orders, returns, transfers, and financial transactions are now highly automated. RPM Wood Finishes Group can effortlessly scale their Amazon business and integrate additional Amazon marketplaces worldwide in record time.

Go live: Dezember 2019


Maison Truffe Logo

Contract AG is one of the leading Swiss wholesale companies specializing in household and catering supplies with over 80,000 items.

They implemented a highly performant, resilient system landscape centered around Microsoft Dynamics AX, replacing multiple standalone systems for finance, sales, logistics, and controlling. This included process design and consulting, introduction of the Business Intelligence suite TARGIT, implementation of the Product Information Management system Perfion, integration of the OXID eShop into the existing system landscape, and development of interfaces for data export and import.


Meinhaushalt.ch Logo

MyHaushalt is a Swiss company offering a wide range of specific products. They specialize in household niche products to provide excellent service and value to their customers.

"ESYON enabled us to launch an attractive and modern webshop in record time. The main focus was on automatically integrating all product data while seamlessly connecting to our suppliers' logistics. Now, we are able to expand our product range with significantly reduced effort, accelerate our logistics processes, and increase customer satisfaction."

- Daniel Hrgetic, Managing Director of meinhaushalt.ch GmbH


Loberon Logo

LOBERON GmbH is known for its exclusive design and meticulously crafted, durable furniture with personality, character, and value.

They expanded their OXID eShop by integrating a CallCenter module for real-time querying of Microsoft Dynamics AX data.


Indical Bioscience Logo

The INDICAL BIOSCIENCE GmbH, headquartered in Leipzig and part of the Qiagen Group, specializes in manufacturing molecular diagnostic kits for veterinary practitioners and laboratories. Seeking to expand their product reach online, they integrated their webshop with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics Navision NAV to streamline processes.

Using the E-commerce platform OXID eShop Enterprise Edition for their online store, INDICAL BIOSCIENCE can target specific markets effectively. Products on the webshop are enriched with detailed information tailored to each market, ensuring the right offerings reach their intended audience. Customers benefit from an efficient purchasing process enhanced by a completely redesigned user interface, emphasizing a mobile-first approach for seamless ordering via smartphones and tablets. Integration with Dynamics NAV enables direct order fulfillment.
Over a period of 2 years, INDICAL BIOSCIENCE, together with the IT service provider Yaveon, developed a fully integrated online store. Subsequently, the store was linked to the company's WordPress-based CMS website. Integration with HubSpot facilitates direct and rapid communication with customers, enhancing customer support capabilities.

Go live: September 2020


Almatec Knill Group Logo

The Almatec AG, based in Schüpfheim, Switzerland, specializes in manufacturing enclosures for control cabinets. They supply customers across Europe and worldwide starting from batch size one.

ESYON implemented an online shop based on the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX for Almatec. In a short period, an E-commerce platform using OXID eShop was deployed, enabling seamless data synchronization between the shop and ERP. This integration significantly reduces manual effort in product management and sales. Almatec's customers benefit from short delivery times and convenient features in their customer accounts. Notably, the close collaboration in the Microsoft Partner-to-Partner model between Ambit Group and ESYON supports Almatec, with Ambit Group managing Microsoft Dynamics AX and ESYON handling the implementation and maintenance of the online shop.

Go live: July 2019