Laptop with Lekkerland Website

Steffi Greuel 3 Minutes

In conversation with Lekkerland: Why did you choose ESYON as your provider for PIM & webshop?

An e-commerce solution was created for Lekkerland's online business, which is specially tailored to the B2B environment and leaves nothing to be desired. A modern webshop was created and integrated with the Perfion PIM by ESYON.

The combination of online shop, PIM plus ERP from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Promis API and EasyCatalog results in a highly integrated system landscape that was created in just a few months and has been live since April 2022.

In an interview with Marketing Manager Thomas Brandstetter, we review the project together, talk about the wishes and requirements and how they were ultimately implemented.

ESYON: Thomas Brandstetter, it's nice that you take the time! How about introducing yourself and Lekkerland at the beginning?

Thomas Brandstetter: Lekkerland Handels- und Dienstleistungs GmbH is a supplier of products for on-the-go supply. Our employees ensure that more than 3,500 delivery points – from petrol stations and bakeries to DIY stores and food retailers – are supplied. The product range includes beverages, food, fresh produce and non-food items as well as products from the e-loading sector, such as telephone, payment and gift cards.

Thomas Brandstetter

"Lekkerland's goal is to be the preferred partner in on-the-go supply. Lekkerland develops tailor-made solutions for shop, logistics and assortment for its customers. I am the head of the marketing department and was the project manager for the implementation of the new system."

Thomas Brandstetter, Leiter der Marketingabteilung bei Lekkerland.

ESYON: In April 2022, Lekkerland's new e-commerce platform went live. What made you decide to approach ESYON?

Thomas Brandstetter: We have held talks with a number of potential partners in advance. ESYON convinced us because the team was very professional in the discussions and showed us that they understand our wishes and needs very well due to their experience with comparable projects. ESYON is the only provider to have comprehensive know-how about all components, which is crucial for the integration of Oxid as a webshop with Perfion as a product information management system. In addition, ESYON has distinguished itself through a strong Microsoft Dynamics background.   

ESYON: How were the goals defined in the project realized?

Thomas Brandstetter:

All goals were achieved and successfully implemented. In the course of the project, some requirements were added from our side. ESYON reacted very quickly to the changing customer requirements and the flexibility shown was exemplary.

ESYON: What are the benefits for your customers?

Thomas Brandstetter: It is extremely important for us to be a reliable partner: convenience for the customer. The new webshop is a big step in this direction: it offers a better overview for the buyer, the information is always up-to-date, thanks to the use of automated interfaces.

ESYON: What do you see as the greatest added value for Lekkerland?

Thomas Brandstetter: The Perfion PIM is connected to the webshop via an automated interface. In addition to less effort and better clarity, this also has the advantage that only one system needs to be maintained. In addition, Perfion helps to optimize processes and now also offers us the possibility to create our folders and catalogs ourselves - without much effort - via the Easykatalog interface via InDesign. All information and media can now be controlled by one system, which also has advantages for our customers. For these, all relevant information is available more quickly in the webshop and is clearer overall.

ESYON: What's next for Lekkerland in the future?

Thomas Brandstetter: The next step of Lekkerland is the further development of the website. To this end, we are currently evaluating the mobile app and thinking in the direction of a new customer platform.

On behalf of ESYON, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Thomas Brandstetter. From our point of view, the cooperation with Lekkerland also worked excellently, as we had a contact person in Thomas who has a great deal of know-how across all topics and managed the project very well from preparation to implementation on the customer side.