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Scalable Cloud-Hosting

OXID eShop in Azure Kubernetes

You want to quickly launch your OXID webshop in the market and only pay for the resources you actually consume? With ESYON, you can host your e-commerce platform in the high-performing and scalable Microsoft Azure cloud. Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) ensure optimal resource utilization.

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More security, more sales

Efficient resource hosting, even during peak times

Is your system ready for sustainable growth? During peak times, there may be spikes in traffic that can overwhelm even a powerful system infrastructure. In such cases, you may miss out on valuable sales opportunities. To prevent this from happening, we host your OXID store in the scalable and resilient Microsoft Azure cloud.

Cloud hosting offers numerous advantages. You no longer have to worry about maintaining and managing dedicated servers. Instead, you have access to a global network of servers that provide just the right amount of resources you need at any given time. The orchestration software Kubernetes ensures highly efficient resource utilization, allowing for the rapid launch of an OXID platform.

Cutting-edge technology stack

Features of the Azure Cloud with Kubernetes

Scalability and flexibility

During peak loads, additional servers are automatically provisioned from the Azure cloud. Scaling increases the level of automation in your system infrastructure, minimizing potential sources of errors.

Stability and reliability

With AKS, you optimize your system and achieve load balancing across multiple physical machines. Kubernetes autonomously manages your containers and restarts them as needed, ensuring system stability and resilience.


Media files such as product images can be delivered through the integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) of MS Azure, which reduces loading times.

Continuous Integration

With Continuous Integration (CI), code changes are centrally merged, which proves especially beneficial when multiple developers are working on a project.

Blob Storage

Unstructured data such as texts and images can be stored using the Blob Storage, allowing your files to be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Azure enables the deployment of different versions of your OXID shop, allowing you to better understand your customers and increase your conversions.

The next level for your business

All advantages at a glance

Growth potential

Scalable cloud hosting makes your system resilient to peak loads and ensures long-term growth potential.


Hosting in the high-performance Azure cloud leads to noticeable reduction in loading times.

Global availability

The Microsoft Azure network spans over 140 countries, ensuring short server response times for you.

Cost optimization

You eliminate the need for maintaining dedicated servers and only pay for the resources you consume, resulting in cost optimization.

Short Time-to-Market

Continuous Integration enables efficient development sprints and rapid deployment of your OXID platform.

More revenue

Improved availability and reduced loading times result in increased sales and revenue.

Seamless integrations in action

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