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Customer-centric data management

Power BI for OXID

Do you want to provide the best service to your customers? With the help of Microsoft Power BI, you can present relevant data to your customers in a transparent and easy-to-understand manner. ESYON's seamless Power BI integration for OXID eShop allows you to display data directly in your webshop.

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More transparency, improved customer satisfaction

Customer-specific data, accessible anytime

By providing relevant reports and analyses based on their customer data, you can add significant value to your customers' businesses. These reports and analyses offer valuable insights that can inform their decision-making processes, drive strategic initiatives, and optimize their overall business performance. With years of expertise in handling Microsoft products, ESYON has developed an OXID integration for Microsoft Power BI that allows you to achieve exactly that

Power BI for OXID enables the direct display of customer-specific data in the frontend of your webshop. The integration is based on the standard module for Power BI and offers numerous visualization possibilities, allowing you to present your data in a clear and accessible way for your customers. The same dashboards can also be used internally for strategic business decisions.

Business Intelligence for you and your customers

Power BI Features


For the visualization and customization of your KPIs, you have various types of graphs, maps, and diagrams at your disposal. Upon request, you can design interactive dashboards for your customers, enhancing their engagement.

Seamless Integration

With our integration, you can integrate Power BI directly  into your OXID platform without the need for middleware. You can maintain desired parameters in the backend of your webshop. The integration automatically accesses the Power BI module and displays the data in the frontend.


Various connectors enable the integration of diverse external data sources, including Microsoft Excel, Google Analytics, Amazon Athena, and many others. Simultaneous extraction from multiple data sources is fully supported.

Power Query Editor

With the Power Query Editor, you can clean, organize, and shape your data into the desired format. Power Query allows you to leverage files such as Excel workbooks, databases, and web data, including information like exchange rates.

AI Insights

With AI Insights, you have access to a collection of machine learning models. These AI-powered models enhance the quality of your data preparation and can be accessed through the Power Query Editor.


You can provide the same dashboard to each of your customers. The customization of the data is achieved through filtering based on the customer number stored in your OXID store. There is no need to create multiple dashboards.

One solution to analyze all your data

All advantages at a glance

Enhanced customer relationships

By providing personalized data, you create transparency and increase trust in your brand.

Simplified business decisions

Your Power BI dashboards can also be used internally, simplifying data-driven strategic decisions.


With customizable dashboards, you can reduce your data collection to focus on the KPIs that are relevant for you and your customers.


Real-time information can be accessed at any time through the customer login and is always available.

Increased efficiency

With internal data collection, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your processes.


You decide which data you want to include in your data collection and can process various data sources within a single solution.

Seamless integrations in action

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