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Your Shopify Shop in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Shopify Integration

Optimize your Shopify store and eliminate unnecessary time-consuming tasks. With the Shopify Connector, you can connect Shopify to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O and synchronize orders, customers, inventory, and prices in real time.

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Breaking Boundaries

Maximize Efficiency with Shopify

Are you still using Shopify's internal inventory management? Then your business may face natural growth limitations. Drawing from years of e-commerce experience and first-hand knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics, ESYON has developed a solution to easily overcome these limitations.
With the Shopify Connector, transform your online store into a high-performance e-commerce platform. The seamless integration allows you to manage your entire online shop within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Automate numerous standard processes and relieve your team from manual, error-prone tasks.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Shopify

Features of the Shopify Connector

Automated Order Management

Orders are seamlessly passed on to Microsoft Dynamics for processing. Your logistics team receives all necessary information for smooth order fulfillment. Sending order confirmations and invoices is also fully automated.

Multi-Shop Capability

With Shopify Plus, you can create multiple shops, ideal for expanding your business internationally. The Shopify Connector allows you to manage multiple webshops simultaneously within your Microsoft ERP.

Product data management

Easily transfer product information between Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a few clicks. This saves valuable time and eliminates errors, particularly beneficial for businesses with large inventories.

CRM Integration

Customer data is automatically captured and categorized according to predefined criteria. This not only reduces workload for your team but also enhances CRM capabilities, enabling better understanding of customer needs.

Category Management

Import your product categories directly from Shopify into Microsoft Dynamics 365 using the Shopify Connector. Manual categorization of your items is thus unnecessary, streamlining management of your entire product catalog in D365 F&O.

Cloud Hosting

Shopify, as a cloud-based e-commerce system, offers exceptional performance and reliability. Hosting your Dynamics ERP in the Microsoft Azure cloud provides the same benefits for your entire e-commerce platform.

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This is how the integration works:

Microsoft verified solution for your business

Our Shopify Integration in the Microsoft AppSource

Our Shopify Connector, verified by Microsoft as the preferred solution, is available on the AppSource. Use our integration to scale your business and increase the efficiency of your work processes.

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Seamless integrations in action

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