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OXID eShop App

Do you want to offer your customers the best mobile shopping experience while simultaneously increasing your sales? Then the OXID eShop App from ESYON is the perfect solution for your business! With our app you can extend the reach of your online plattform by adding a mobile channel, without any additional administrative work.

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Oxid app on a mobile phone
Complete the customer journey

Seamlessly integrate mobile commerce

Use the full potential of mobile technology to engage your B2B customers and increase the efficiency of your business! With the OXID eShop App from ESYON, you can expand your OXID store with an app for Android and iOS that seamlessly supports all the standard features of OXID eShop - providing your customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether their employees are in the office, the store or the warehouse. Our app syncs all information in real-time with the backend of your online store via an API. It ensures that your data is up to date and there is no additional administrative work for you. You optimize your order processes, save resources, and enhance your customer journey as you take your business to the next level. You don't compromise on usability and provide your customers with familiar convenience features of your online plattform, even on mobile devices. This includes features such as order overview, invoices, returns, and more


Take advantage of real-time benefits

With the OXID eShop App form ESYON you expand your online store with a functional App for Android and iOS, that supports all standard features of OXID eShop. Our app syncs all information in real-time with the backend of your online store. It ensures that your data is up to date and there is no additional administrative work for you. Even better, you can send push messages via the app to get in touch with your customers directly and make them aware of exclusive offers, news or sales. At the same time, the app simplifies the ordering process, that can be triggered directly through the barcode scanner of your mobile phone.

Oxid app on a mobile phone
More than just responsive design

Features of the OXID eShop App

Seamless real-time integration

ESYON’s OXID eShop App integrates seamlessly with your existing OXID environment. Product information, customer data, and orders are synchronized in real time.


Push messages open up new possibilities for retargeting existing customers. Send information about new products, discount promotions or exclusive offers directly to your users’ smartphones

Order by barcode scanner

Using the barcode scanner built into smartphones, products can be scanned and added directly to the shopping cart. It has never been easier for your customers to trigger a repeat order


Do you distribute your articles internationally? No problem. ESYON’s OXID eShop App supports multiple languages

Universal Login

Customers log in the the mobile app with the same username/password as the desktop app. There is no need to create a second account for mobile access.

Individual Design

The layout of the app is independent from the existing webshop. If desired, we can design of the app to reflect your corporate identity.

A win-win for everyone

All Advantages at a glance

New target groups and channels

Extend your e-commerce platform with a mobile channel and communicate directly with your customers

Saving Resources

Small-scale ordering processes are optimized, resulting in resource savings for all parties involved

Flat-rate pricing

In addition to the monthly base price, there are no fees for use based on the turnover of your store.

Increase customer satisfaction

Offer your customers the freedom of an omnichannel solution. Customers can decide for themselves how they access your store.

Targeted Marketing

Push messages offer additional marketing opportunities, and thanks to Business Intelligence (BI), user behavior can be better analyzed


All basic functions of OXID are natively supported. Compatibility can be established for OXID modules

Blog & Case Studies

Person using the erfal app on a mobile phone
Fit für den Mobile Commerce: Onlineshop-Modernisierung bei erfal

Bereits von 2016-2017 durften wir den Launch des ersten Webshops der erfal GmbH & Co. KG begleiten. In einem Folgeprojekt wurde der B2B-Store modernisiert und vor allem für mobile Endgeräte optimiert. Wir haben das Projekt mit Martin Spinnler, Webshop Manager bei erfal, Revue passieren lassen und eine erste Bilanz gezogen, wie der Onlineshop nach dem Relaunch von Kunden angenommen wird.

Person with mobile phone in hand getting messages
So nutzen Sie Pushnachrichten für Ihre Marketing-Strategie

Richtig eingesetzt können Pushnachrichten ein wirksames Mittel für eine effiziente Marketing-Strategie sein. Wie bei vielen Marketing-Maßnahmen gilt jedoch auch hier: Die Dosis macht das Gift. In diesem Beitrag klären wir die Vorteile von Pushnachrichten und wie Sie sie mit Hilfe unserer OXID eShop App auch für Ihr Business einsetzen können.

Man with mobile phone in hand sitting in front of a laptop
7 Gründe, warum eine mobile App für Ihre E-Commerce-Strategie sinnvoll ist

Der überwältigende Teil der Online-Transaktionen findet mittlerweile über mobile Commerce statt. Das ist wenig verwunderlich: Laut besaßen im Jahr 2019 82 Prozent der Personen über 14 Jahren ein Smartphone. Verbraucher sind über mobile Endgeräte permanent mit dem Internet verbunden. Daher ist der Desktop für die meisten von ihnen obsolet – auch beim Einkauf im World Wide Web. In diesem Beitrag klären wir neben diesem noch weitere Gründe, warum eine mobile App eine überaus sinnvolle Ergänzung für Ihren Onlineshop ist.

Seamless integrations in action

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