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Perfion Supplier Portal: Efficient supplier management – ​​data delivery made easy

The Perfion Supplier Portal acts as a central platform for managing supplier data and product data. This platform offers a solution that not only facilitates communication and data exchange between your company and your suppliers, but also optimizes your internal processes.

Perfion Supplier Portal: The solution for efficient data management?

The Perfion Supplier Portal is the central hub for managing supplier data and product data. It enables optimal integration of products from different suppliers into the internal product data management system (PIM) and makes it easier to update supplier data. Overall, the Supplier Portal supports your company in optimizing supplier relationships and improving the quality of your product data.

What advantages does the Perfion Supplier Portal offer for your data management?

1. Improved product upload:

Suppliers can easily upload selected products or entire catalogs using different methods, e.g. B. via manual data entry, file import or fully automatic integrations with supplier data feeds.

2. Automatic data validation:

Ensure that data complies with internal rules by performing automatic validation that covers mandatory fields, data types, text formats, number ranges and much more.

3. Integrated Digital Asset Management:

The portal supports the easy handling of digital assets. Suppliers can upload product images and files, improving overall product information.

4. Data conversions:

Automated integrations include data transformations such as merging data fields, text cropping, unit conversions, and more to ensure consistency and accuracy.

5. Efficient Product Approval Workflow:

Perfion users can accept or reject products from supplier catalogs. Acceptance can be automated for selected suppliers, while rejected products remain in the portal for easy later acceptance.

6. Easy product integration:

Accepted supplier products are integrated into Perfion as internal products and can be enriched with further product data. Internal products are intelligently linked to supplier products for comprehensive management.

7. Flexible data update:

Subsequent updates to supplier data can be easily accepted or rejected in bulk or at the product level. Automation options are available for trusted suppliers and specific attributes.

The function at a glance

Optimization of your supplier and product data management

Using APIs, web portals or Excel/Asset, supplier data or data from industry portals are imported into the Supplier Portal, where items and data are the responsibility of your suppliers. In the Perfion Supplier Portal, the supplier items should be filled out according to your quality criteria. This ensures that the imported data complies with internal rules and standards. After quality control, the supplier items and release processes are imported into your Perfion PIM through new creation or updates. Items and data are your responsibility. You can take care of internal data maintenance and quality enrichment.

After your internal data maintenance, new requirements and updates can be redirected to your suppliers in the supplier portal for the approval process. This ensures continuous updating and adaptation of your supplier data according to changing requirements and standards. The Perfion Supplier Portal therefore offers a holistic solution to optimize your

Supplier relationships and to ensure the quality of your product data.

How does Perfion work: Schematic representation of the function of Perfion

Central interface for effective supplier interaction and data precision

Supplier Portal plays a critical role in improving collaboration and ensuring accuracy in your supply chain management. The portal facilitates communication, accelerates approval processes and significantly minimizes the risk of errors.

For suppliers, the portal offers a user-friendly interface that supports various methods of uploading data, from manual entry to fully automated integrations. Data validation features ensure compliance with internal policies and contribute to a reliable and accurate database. Additionally, integrated digital asset management allows for effortless expansion of product information by simply uploading images and files.

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Employee Marit Mohr
Marit Mohr
Teamlead Perfion Solutions

Marit strengthens our team as team lead Perfion Solutions. In this key position, she heads the implementation and support department, which acts as the largest Perfion partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With her in-depth knowledge, she supports you in centralizing your product data with Perfion and optimally preparing it for various output channels. The goal is to provide your customers with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.