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New Features for the Amazon Marketplace Connector: Gain More Control Over Your Business

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What is the Amazon Marketplace Connector?

With the Amazon Marketplace Connector, you can connect your Amazon business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM. This integration offers numerous benefits, including the automation of various standard processes that save you time, a consistent database, and a clear presentation of all payment flows. The integration is compatible with any Amazon Marketplace.

Marketplaces offer broad reach but little control

Millions of customers shop on Amazon every day. The reach and popularity of this marketplace form the foundation of many online businesses, as Amazon is often the most critical sales channel.

The challenge for companies lies in keeping track of their operations on the marketplace. The Amazon Marketplace offers little to no automation of standard processes and lacks a comfortable financial overview. As a result, customers often report feeling like they are not in the driver's seat and losing control over their Amazon business. Manual processes also hinder the scalability of companies.

We have made it our mission to help companies overcome these barriers. To this end, we have added a range of new features to our Amazon Marketplace Connector.

New Features Overview

Amazon Marketplace Connector

Customer proximity is essential to us. Therefore, we have further developed our Amazon integration to help shed light on the Amazon Marketplace.

Checking Settlement

With our new feature, Checking Settlement, you can easily verify whether the information in Amazon's settlement report matches that in your Microsoft Dynamics. This allows you to quickly identify discrepancies in orders, returns, and associated fees.

Import Inbound Shipment

With the Import Inbound Shipment function, you will never lose track of the shipments you send to Amazon's fulfillment center as part of the FBA program. Receipts are confirmed by Amazon, improving inventory management. You can request, receive, and log incoming shipments and shipment positions. Transfers can also be imported using a batch. The import can be manually created via the cockpit.

Default Customers per Marketplace

This feature allows you to create separate default customers for each Amazon Marketplace. When enabled, a new tab "Default Customer by Marketplace" appears in the Amazon parameters, allowing you to assign the default customer clearly. The feature simplifies order management, especially for companies selling on multiple Amazon domains.

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Specify Movement Journal for Return + Adjustment Events

We have reorganized the online store form and expanded it with the "Inventory" tab. This tab includes details on locations, incoming shipments, removal orders, and the new field "Inventory Adjustment Journal," which enables a clear separation between your Amazon business and other stores in Microsoft Dynamics 365. If the field is left empty, the LossProfit journal will continue to be used for return adjustments and adjustment events.

Destination Based Charge Codes

When selling within the EU, different VAT rates apply depending on the destination country. Our Amazon integration allows for the automatic assignment of tax codes based on the delivery address of the order. This also determines any applicable Amazon fees.

Benefits of the Amazon Marketplace Connector

The integration of your Amazon business into Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers numerous advantages, which are seamlessly complemented by the new features of our Connector.

  • Process Automation: Standard processes such as invoicing and transaction posting occur daily and consume significant resources. With the Amazon Marketplace Connector, you can automate these processes, saving time and reducing error sources.
  • Scalability: Automating manual processes accelerates your operations and allows you to handle more transactions in less time, paving the way for scaling your business.
  • Inventory Management: Our Amazon integration synchronizes your inventory with Microsoft Dynamics in real-time, allowing you to identify potential shortages in a timely manner and avoid stockouts.
  • More Transparency: By automatically capturing your payment flows in Microsoft Dynamics, they are presented in an organized and accessible manner, creating more transparency and making your Amazon business more analyzable.
  • Settlement Control: With the new features of the Amazon Marketplace Connector, you can verify the accuracy of Amazon's settlement report and ensure that you have correctly accounted for the payment flows from your Amazon business.
  • Consistent Data: Product, financial, and customer data are centrally stored in Microsoft Dynamics. The ERP system acts as the central point for managing all channels. The new inventory adjustment journal allows for clear separation between Amazon and your other PoS.
  • Internationalization: With our solution, you can connect any Amazon Marketplace to Microsoft Dynamics, enabling you to sell internationally across multiple Amazon domains.

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