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Career start at ESYON: Interview with Carla Bokel

ESYON: Hello Carla, thank you for taking the time! How about starting by introducing yourself and telling us a bit about yourself?

Carla: Of course! Let me begin with some information about myself. I am Carla Bokel, 29 years old, or young, depending on how you look at it, and I am a very open-minded and versatile person. I love being on the go and meeting friends. Originally, I come from Bochum, a city that I personally really like because it is as multi-faceted as I am. Then, in 2017, I moved to Leipzig relatively spontaneously. I like it here even better! In Leipzig, I also took on my first job in a medium-sized company. However, with the pandemic, I was feeling the typical Corona blues – I really wanted to further my education in the IT field. That's why I started studying Master of Business Informatics at Merseburg University. Originally, I come from product design and project management. Product design is somewhat comparable to product management.

ESYON: Okay, your profile already fits ESYON very well, but how did you become aware of the company?

Carla: I found my studies and the content fascinating right from the start, but I quickly realized that I couldn't really apply these topics at my old employer. Then one of my lecturers drew my attention to ESYON. He said he knew a Leipzig-based company that was looking for people and could be a great fit for me. That sounded interesting, and I promptly submitted my application documents.

ESYON: Was that your only application? What spoke for ESYON?

Carla: Of course, I also applied to other companies, but ESYON was simply the best fit. I mean, not only in terms of the contract conditions, but especially on a personal level. I had my first interview with Oliver Pankrath, then another one with Ronny Büchner. We immediately hit it off. Later, there was a meet-and-greet day, where I realized that the entire team made a friendly impression and was very open towards me. I hadn't experienced that to this extent with any other employer. In the end, ESYON was simply a good match, but there are two more points that are very important to me.

ESYON: And what are those?

Carla: I like the flexibility in my work. I have a lot of freedom in how I organize my day and don't have to switch from one meeting to the next. There are days when I have no appointments at all and can just work on tasks. Moreover, it's often said that the job of a consultant comes with a lot of travel stress. That's different at ESYON, and I find it very pleasant. Travel appointments are limited, and most things can be handled through online meetings, which saves a lot of time and is much more straightforward.

Picture of Employee Carla Bokel

"Of course, I also applied to other companies, but ESYON was simply the best fit. I mean, not only in terms of the contract conditions, but especially on a personal level."

Carla Bokel works at ESYON in consulting and project management and is also writing her Master's thesis.

ESYON: You mentioned the meet-and-greet day already. Can you tell us more about how the onboarding process at ESYON works? What is the onboarding like?

Carla: I can share something about my first few days. All in all, I found the onboarding process well-structured. Onboarding is a top priority at ESYON. Ronny had an onboarding checklist that we went through together. He personally introduced me to the different projects. The colleagues also involved me in their projects, so I could start providing active support right away. Now, I am gradually taking on my own project and receive support from my colleagues as needed.

ESYON: So, you are already handling your own projects?

Carla: Yes, at least to some extent. I work part-time and am busy three days a week. The rest of the time, I am writing my Master's thesis in the field of Business Intelligence, with ESYON as a practical partner.

ESYON: You mentioned earlier that you appreciate the flexible work. How does ESYON generally handle the topic of work-life balance?

Carla: A good work-life balance is very important to me, and ESYON is very accommodating in that regard. I have core hours from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but what matters more than the pure working hours is that tasks are completed. This approach is not just communicated but actually implemented. In my experience, that's not something to be taken for granted. Let's take private appointments, for example: as long as everything stays within reasonable limits, I can easily take care of them, and I am sure that if I needed more time for my Master's thesis, solutions could be found here too.

ESYON: Finally, we would like to know how things will continue for you personally. Do you have specific goals and wishes for your time at ESYON?

Carla: Of course, my top goal is to complete my Master's degree. After that, I will switch to full-time employment. Due to the topic of my Master's thesis, a certification as a Business Data Analyst would be another possibility. The same applies to specializations in the Microsoft and OXID environment, as ESYON is a certified partner in these areas. Ultimately, I am most looking forward to the upcoming projects that await me. It will certainly be an exciting time!

ESYON: We are sure it will be! Carla, we enjoyed the interview very much. Thank you very much, and we wish you all the best for your future time at ESYON, and of course, good luck with your Master's thesis!

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