We asked: How did the Perfion and Infor integration of our customer Maincor go?

The new Maincor store went live in November 2020. What made you approach

ESYON with the project?

The new online store of our customer Maincor has been live since November 9th, 2020. In this interview with Managing Director Michael Pfister, we look back on the project together and talk about particular challenges, goals and how we ultimately realized them.

Mr Pfister, why don‘t you start by introducing yourself and your company?

With pleasure. My name is Michael Pfister. Since January 2014, I have been one of the managing directors of MAINCOR Rohrsysteme GmbH & Co. KG in Schweinfurt. Our company is divided into two business units: Pipe Systems Building Technology for heating and sanitary applications and Pipe Systems Industry for industrial applications. At the Knetzgau factory, we produce plastic pipes for a wide range of industries. Our spectrum ranges from pipes for automotive and household equipment, to heating and sanitary pipes.

The new Maincor store went live in November 2020. What made you approach ESYON with the project?

As a manufacturer of heating and ventilation pipes, we were looking for a new e-commerce solution. The primary goal was a deep integration of the Maincor store, both in the enterprise resource planning and in the Product Information Management (PIM) environment. Since ESYON has expertise in the PIM environment and combines this with competencies on OXID eShop, we decided to work together and round it off with our knowledge of Infor ERP.

„Since ESYON has expertise in the PIM environment and combines it with competencies on OXID eShop, we decided to work together and round it out with our knowledge of Infor ERP.”

Let‘s take a closer look at the implementation of the Maincor store. How were the goals defined for the project realized?

The creation of our e-commerce platform was done with OXID eShop. For storage, logistics and finance management, Infor was connected to the webshop. For Product Information Management, we use the Perfion PIM.

For the Maincor store, several existing functions were taken over and expanded, including our own „Atze-Taler“ rewards system, which allows existing customers to receive great rewards products. An IDS interface, a sales representative portal and various calculators, for example for laying underfloor heating, are also among the features. In addition, our retailers can create quotations for their customers using our white label mass excerpt.

The project also helped us to make progress with the internationalization of our store: We have created a store for Austria and now also offer our customers an English language version. Rolling out additional, country-specific stores in the future is now possible as well.

Your store uses the new OXID eShop App. Can you tell us something about this?

Yes, the app was developed by ESYON in the first instance for the Maincor store before it became a white label solution „OXID eShop App”.

With our Maincor app, we offer our customers a mobile solution of our store, which they can download directly from Google Play Store or Apple‘s AppStore. Of course, our online store also has a responsive solution, but the mobile app offers many advantages, such as using the barcode scanner to add products to the shopping cart. The app also works offline, directly from the construction site or the customer’s warehouse.

At the same time, the app is fully integrated into the web store and does not need to be filled with content separately. The whole thing also works cross-platform: shopping carts created on the cell phone can be ordered via the desktop and in reverse.

Now you have already mentioned some of the advantages. What do you see as the added value for your customers and your company?

I had already mentioned one thing: The fact that our customers can create purchase orders and orders for their customers through us is something I consider an important convenience function. Besides, our employees can view existing customer projects at any time, which improves support.

Our work is simplified above all by the Perfion PIM. Product information such as texts in different languages, images, documents and associated categories are maintained once in Perfion and then automatically synchronized with the web store.

Mr Pfister, thank you for the interesting insights into your company and the project. We look forward to further cooperation and the many exciting projects to come!

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