ETIM 8.0 is here: All changes of the classification model

Version 8.0 of the ETIM standard classification model was published at the end of 2020. In this blog post, we look at what the changes are and how they affect product information management systems such as Perfion.

What is ETIM?

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ETIM e.V. is a registered association of more than 100 companies and organizations from the electronics industry and the creator of the ETIM (Electro-Technical Information Model), a standard classification model of the same name. The model defines standard formats and parameters according to which manufacturers can categorize their products and pass this information on to the retailers. This has the decisive advantage of creating uniform classifications for products between manufacturers, which prevents inconsistencies in product management and thus optimizes processes.

What will change with ETIM 8.0?

On November 2nd 2020, the current version 8.0 of ETIM was released. The classification model now also includes the standards according to ProfiCl@ass. This is an organization that defined parameters in the WEBA sector (tools, hardware and business equipment) as an independent association until mid-2020. In the meantime, ProfiCl@ass has been dissolved and its members transferred to ETIM e.V. Thus ETIM e.V. grew again and with it its importance for the retailers. In the meantime, ETIM contains 5,050 classes from the electrical, SHK (sanitary, heating and air conditioning) and WEBA sectors.

How to download ETIM 8.0

ETIM 8.0 is available for download in the internal member area on

To facilitate the migration from ETIM 7.0, a mapping table is also available for ETIM member companies, which for the first time also contains concrete predecessor-successor relationships on characteristic and value level. All non-members can request ETIM 8.0 from the ETIM staff.

ETIM and Perfion PIM: Even more precise product information management thanks to ETIM 8.0

In ETIM, product features from the electrical, SHK and WEBA sectors (with version 8.0) are standardized. ETIM thus also defines the content of product information management systems (PIM) such as Perfion. Uniform product information is a benefit for both retailers and customers. Not only does it simplify the management of product data, but it is also crucial in making it easier for customers to find a product. Since ETIM 8.0 now provides 5,050 classifications (up from 4,273 in version 7.0), product data management can now be made even more efficient. Due to its modification options, the Perfion PIM offers the best prerequisites for integrating ETIM 8.0.

Reading tip: You can read more about the use of ETIM with Perfion PIM in this article.

Perfion-2-OXID from ESYON

With Perfion-2-OXID, ESYON has developed an interface for seamless integration of the Perfion PIM in OXID, allowing the classification standards according to ETIM 8.0 to also be used under OXID eShop. Perfion-2-OXID enables the central maintenance of product master data and thus shortens the process chain. Among other things, the tool offers a filter function for the stored product data as well as automated data transfer, which can also take place in real-time.

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