The new Product Configurator from ESYON – individual solutions for your customers

ESYON’s new Product Konfigurator enables the integration of individually adaptable products, which can be particularly useful for companies in the computer & software, automotive or furniture industries. Customers can choose between available specifications and select them according to their needs. The Product Configurator is directly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and is suitable for any shop system.

Interlocking of webshop and merchandise

The interaction of web shop and merchandise management is a great challenge when implementing an individually adaptable product portfolio. For customers, it is not enough if products can be configured error-free via the online shop interface. For a smooth process, the Product Configurator must be close to the ERP system. A middleware, which is connected between both instances, would be a conceivable solution. The problem: As an external tool, the Product Configurator has a high error-potential. High costs are also necessary to implement it.

For this reason, the ESYON Product Configurator is an integral part of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Technologies such as AzureBlobStorage ensure that the connection to the online shop can be made directly, without any impairments like loading times. Azure BlobStorage ensures a high-performance display of images, so your customers can configure freely without loading times. Using SignalR ensures that the Product Configured in Dynamics 365 is displayed in real time. Changes to price or product features are immediately transmitted and displayed in the shop. ESYON’s Product Configurator is based on the Dynamics 365 standard and uses the high security standards of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for data transfer. Experience the Product Configurator in our demo webshop!

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Avoid errors thanks to plausibility checks

Ambiguous or incorrect information from customers could make the ordering process more difficult – in the worst case, a conversion could be lost. To prevent such inconsistencies from occurring in the first place, the Product Configurator checks all data for plausibility.

Central administration via Microsoft Dynamics

The Product Configurator is fully integrated into the backend of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. This means that all relevant data such as prices, stocks and product descriptions can be processed centrally from one system, which considerably reduces administrative work and minimizes sources of error.

Hierarchical variant assignment

To ensure that customers do not lose the overview when selecting their desired Product Configuration, the available product variants are assigned with the help of a hierarchy tree. In this way, specific features can be hidden if they are not available for the desired basic configuration. Your customers are guided through the configuration step by step and are only offered options, since production can actually take place.

Automatic price calculation

There is one thing that potential buyers want to keep in mind when putting together their products: The price. With the Product Configurator, individual price models can be defined depending on the composition. The price is then immediately updated for the customer upon purchase and is visible at all times.

The way in which merchants work with Amazon should be an individual decision. If a retailer is already widely represented in e-commerce, e.g. by its own online shop, the existing shipping system can be a major influencing factor in order to be able to map its fulfillment internally. The product type should also be a decisive factor when choosing the fulfillment method. While Amazon is the most suitable solution for the sale of bulk goods, shipping by the merchant is recommended for the sale of products that are custom-made or one-offs. Considering the reverse transaction of the sale, this can also be an important consideration when choosing a fulfillment solution.

Compatible with all common e-commerce platforms

Via an interface, the ERP system can be linked to your web shop, independent of the e-commerce platform. With the OXID eShop, the connection of the Product Configurator to the web shop is already preconfigured.

Speak the language of your customers

E-commerce enables companies to trade on international markets even without a widespread branch network. The resulting variety of offers increases customer demands – individual solutions outpace standardized products. With ESYON’s Product Configurator, you give your customers the choice.

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