Standardized data exchange and control of all product data with Perfion PIM and ETIM

Accurate and above all reliable product information is an essential factor for customer acceptance and, if you think it through, the success of a company. With the product information management system (PIM system) Perfion and the connection of your portfolio with trading partners via ETIM, product data can be exchanged in a standardised manner and thus items can be listed faster, error-free and most efficiently.

The European Technical Information Model, or ETIM for short, defines the content used to enrich an article in a database. It creates a standard for existing metadata, making it easier to share and synchronize product data between different industries and merchants.


At the moment it is not uncommon for many industries to send product data from A to B via Excel or hard copy like a CD. And yes, there is also the good old print catalogue for this type of data exchange. However, if the product data is maintained by different employees in different systems, the risk of errors increases. With the PIM system Perfion, all product data can be collected centrally in one place and enriched with information.


Perfion can be used on its own or can be easily and seamlessly integrated into other IT infrastructures  (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics) employing an out-of-the-box integration. The open XML-based API (interface) supports the flexible use of product data in existing systems such as websites, catalogues, e-commerce portals and marketplaces. Due to the complex modification possibilities, Perfion offers the best conditions to integrate standards such as ETIM  and thus also to connect trading partners and overlapping industries.


ETIM not only offers added value to manufacturers and wholesalers but also customers benefit from it. Precise product information ensures that you find the right product right away. Due to the clean information chain between merchants, delivery times and availability are always accurate. Merchants can deposit and pass on terms and conditions among themselves. There are no restrictions on the quantity and quality of the content.


ESYON has now integrated this added value into the Perfion PIM system and made it accessible for their customers. Thanks to Perfion, the data processed according to ETIM can also be transferred to all desired channels: an e-commerce platform, a catalogue, hard copy data carriers, everything is possible.


If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Perfion and ETIM, we are at your disposal! As a Perfion partner, we are happy to support you not only with the installation of the PIM solution but also with the connection to your IT infrastructure.


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