Product Configurator

The Dynamics 365 product configurator for your e-commerce platform
Sell individually created products on all channels without effort. Ask for more information!
The e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX Real Time Daten aus AX in Ihrem Shop Use the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX

No restrictions

Even highly complex products can be mapped with the product configurator.

Guided configuration

Provide a comfortable shopping experience for your customers.

Directly integrated in Dynamics 365

No middleware, no performance loss, no double maintenance of the products in your online store.

Flexibility for business sales

Individual quotes can be created and send directly in Dynamics 365 within seconds.


Product Configurator
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Configurator
as a data foundation for your online shop

With the Product Configurator from ESYON, you possess the perfect solution for handling and displaying complex products in your webshop. It does not matter if you think about the configuration of a car, a bike, a laptop or a server, the individualization of your product is efficiently synchronized between your webshop and your ERP. Let your customers build their products and don’t worry about how the complex configuration logic will transmit into your ERP. Because with the Product Configurator from ESYON, this logic is part of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Microsoft Dynamics AX. Let your products become as unique as your customers, without setting up all possible variations beforehand. The Product Configurator from ESYON – as individual as your business.



An example

Let’s say, you are selling laptops, but you don’t want to offer fixed SKUs. Your customers should be able to choose single components and general product features like colour. With the Product Configurator from ESYON, you can either set up a guided workflow, asking customers to configure the laptop step by step, for example by first choosing the colour, then the storage, then the graphics card, and so on. Or you can leave the process open, but setting up rules to connect compatible attributes. For example, by excluding a certain graphics card option after choosing the colour black.



Facts & Features 

Demo-OXID4AX-Shop Configuration
The set-up of this complex configuration is done in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics AX directly. When finished, the complex product will synch with your online shop – including pricing and availability of single products used in the BOM.

Unlimited variations
Create complex products with specific rule sets to allow unique combinations of items. Customers get a price in real-time and can check-out online and purchase the item directly.

Individual pricing 
Our Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics AX is in synch with your e-commerce platform.


Driving your e-commerce 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX Product Configurator meets online shop

Our solution enables you to create a digital twin for highly complex products and merge them with your OXID eSales online shop. The combination of OXID eSales and our Product Configurator is a powerful package and ideal for selling unique products. Your customers benefit from a very performant e-commerce platform, and you profit from an efficient way of setting up and maintaining your complex portfolio.

Our Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Microsoft Dynamics AX comes as a plugin for the e-commerce platform OXID eShop.


Kunden stellen ihre Produkte selbst zusammen

Fully integrated into your online shop

The smart package of logical connections, which our Product Configurator injects into your ERP system is fully available in your webshop solution. Enable your customers to create individual products – step by step.

Manage products in your ERP

Our Product Configurator is part of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Microsoft Dynamics AX. So your OXID eShop solution does get a feed of all relevant information from the ERP directly. The logical connections do not have to be replicated within your e-commerce solution, saving you bandwidth and creating efficiency. Your customers and your google ranking will both profit from this performance.

Get product availability in real-time

Customers can create an individual product and get live feedback on the stock level of single components. With a smart definition of compatible parts, they will also be guided to through the sales process, without the frustrating experience of choosing components that are not compatible with each other. Our Product Configurator also provides real-time pricing for every individual product, allowing your customers to purchase it directly.

Your advantages

Central product information management
in your ERP system

Custom products
with a smart logic for the BOM

Real-time pricing for complex products
due to the logic implemented in your ERP system

Real-time communication
between your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Microsoft Dynamics AX and your OCID eShop e-commerce platform

Fewer errors
due to a uniform database

Higher conversion rate
offer products as individual as your customers.

Satisfied customers
due to real-time pricing and stock level

Professional appearance
because your e-commerce shop system is in synch with your ERP, creating trust for potential and returning customers

Features at a glance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & AX plus OXID eShop
  • complex product hierarchy
  • precise details for all components within the BOM
  • real-time pricing
  • a smart set of rules to guide customers through incompatible combinations
Focus on your customers, by providing
  • real-time stock availability
  • real-time product information
  • real-time pricing and direct purchase

Available for: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail

Get in touch

The Product Configurator from ESYON is fully integrated into the standard e-commerce solutions OXID4AX for Microsoft Dynamics AX and OXID4Dynamics for Microsoft Dynamics 365, providing a powerful basis for your online sales. The efficiency and saving of resources our solution offers will transform into customer satisfaction and higher revenue, making it much easier for you to amortize your investment in the e-commerce platform.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • works with Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • added value through individual products
  • highly efficient order management
  • no data duplicates in ERP and e-commerce platform
  • real-time stock level and pricing 24/7 to serve markets worldwide
  • avoid cost-intensive product information management and errors


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