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From product information management (PIM) to OXID eShop

In e-commerce, the customer comes always first. And every customer needs data, to form a decision on what to buy and where to buy. So every e-commerce platform needs pictures, videos and text to describe their products and services. If this information is accurate, customers are more inclined to buy and raise your revenue.

All this relevant information can be gathered professionally in a product information management system, or PIM for short. Professionally means, that all information is gathered methodically and stored with a pattern. So this valuable information can form the backbone not only of your external sales but also used internally for employees. Now imagine you did all that and feed product variants, pictures, categories and description in several languages into your Perfion PIM. How many new employees do you need to copy & paste the information into your OXID eShop and keeping the data in sync? Well, we don’t know exactly, but we recommend you try the Perfion-2-OXID Connector from ESYON.

Seamless integration

Raise of efficiency and revenue

Dynamic data flow



Features & Advantages

If you have already decided on setting up your online shop with OXID and on setting up your PIM with Perfion, then our Perfion-2-OXID Connector simply is a must have. And if you are just starting your business, allow us to convince you of the advantages. Our solution works with every Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP in short. And with our Perfion-2-OXID Connector you are ready to go cross-channel and multi-channel, because all of your distribution channels are using the same product information.

Central source of information

All product information is stored and distributed centrally in the Perfion PIM and enriched with additional data. Data being provided centrally makes sure that no information is lost and that you are always in charge of your data.

Data warehousing for every kind of media

Multilingual texts and descriptions, pictures, videos, links, every bit of information relying to your products is stored in one place. From there they can be accessed and distributed to your whole e-commerce eco system.

Integrate our solution into your business

Don’t worry, the implementation of our Perfion-2-OXID Connector is can be done silently, without interrupting your ongoing business. We make sure, that internal processes stay the same and your investment into the current ERP does not loose its value.


  • Reliable data managed centrally
  • Fewer errors in the system
  • Reduce manual labour with less copy and paste
  • All in one place instead of several databases, Excel sheets and internal Wikis

Daniel Hrgetic

CEO / GmbH

Finally we are managing our product information centrally with Perfion. Thanks to our partner ESYON we now have a powerful connector, that distributes product information without loss of information to our e-commerce platform. In real-time.

Data sheet Perfion-2-OXID solution

Please download our free PDF and learn more about your advantages and the feature set of our Perfion-2-OXID solution. Language: German.



Features at a glance

Portal mit direktem Zugriff auf Microsoft Dynamics AX

Product information online

Perfion-2-OXID sends your product data from the Perfion PIM to your OXID eShop. Both Perfion and OXID provide an open API within their standard, allowing our Perfion-2-OXID Connector to integrate seamlessly.

Integrated filter options

You always have full control over the data distributed. A set of filters makes sure, that only certain information is streamed to your online shop. The function is perfect for an internal sales guide, by enriching your product information with details that are too difficult to explain within your online ecosystem.

Automatic synchronization

Data can be pushed automatically to your online shop by using batch jobs. If you want to, the updates can be done in real time.

  • Seamless integration into your ERP
  • Automatic synchronization of central product data
  • Live API for streaming media and data
  • Integrated filter options for full control of the data on display
  • Real-time updates of product information
  • Data streaming of product information, variants, pictures, documents or categories
  • Multilingual descriptions are standard

Focused & Trasparent


ESYON is committed to transparency in all projects. You will always stay on top of development of your project. Our engineers & consultants are certified Perfion professionals for:

PIM installation

Full integration into your IT infrastructure

Custom development for your specific business case

certified vendor and implementor of Perfion PIM Solutions

Available for: Perfion PIM, OXID eShop, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail and any other ERP system.

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The combination of OXID eShop and Perfion is something ESYON excels in. With our Perfion-2-OXID Connector, we let this expertise create value for your online business.



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