Mobile Order Management with Microsoft Dynamics AX und Apple iPad

Mobile Order Management Your paperless sales force, built on live data from the ERP.

Mobile Order Management

Mobile sales force with live data and without a paper trail

Fully integrated Call Centre

Dynamic data flow

Raise your efficiency and revenue

With our Mobile Order Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX, your business sales team can truly be mobile, following leads in the region of their choice. Our App is designed for Apples iPad and it not only streams live customer data from your Microsoft Dynamics AX to your sales representative. It also lets your sales manager set up a new order while being engaged with the customer. Our solution provides your business sales team with all customer data relevant for a successful sales activity, like purchase history and financial data.

Accelerate your sales and raise your conversion rate!

The digital transformation is reaching every business now, showing its value to everyone. When you are working with an Enterprise Ressource Planning System or ERP in short, then your sales representatives need the data stored in ERP for a successful win. Our Mobile Order Management reduces the time spent on operational details after returning to the office from a meeting with a client because a new order can be set up directly during the meeting on your employees iPad.

This new way of streaming data between your ERP and the mobile desk of your sales force makes a lot of processes more efficient, reduces errors, raises the conversion rate and is actively saving costs with less manual labour. All that is possible with ESYON’s Mobile Order Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Mobile Order Management

Facts & Features

Product data up-to-date and available on the move

The product information like pictures, videos or pricing is available on your sales representatives iPad, ready to showcase in front of your customers. The data can be conveniently converted into PDF.


All customer data available in real-time

Our solution is getting its customer data from your Microsoft Dynamics AX, making addresses, purchase history or financial details available on the go. A full-text search is integrated to make sure you always find what you are looking for.


Set up new orders together with your client

Place a new order for your customer without wasting paper. The data is streamed from your iPad to Microsoft Dynamics AX, automatically updating the customer’s data and placing the order. Your customer automatically receives an order confirmation by email and your production and logistics is ready to fulfil the order, because of the real-time connection to your ERP. The order confirmation may contain all kinds of information, for example, product pictures or videos.


Flexible Auftragserfassung für Dynamics AX

Fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX

Features at a glance

Mobile Order Management is integrated into the iPad App i-Deal. With i-Deal you are always ready to sell and can consult your customers perfectly because all relevant data is accessible on your iPad. The customer and order data is handled by your ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX, your tablet works as a client.

If you loose online connection due to bad coverage don’t worry and just keep going. The data gathered offline with the client will automatically be transmitted as soon as you are online again. You can use i-Deal online and offline! The data between iPad and ERP stays synchronized automatically.



Portal mit direktem Zugriff auf Microsoft Dynamics AX

Manage debitors

All data in the i-Deal App is centrally managed by Microsoft Dynamics AX. This includes debitor and contact information, but also all financial data like open bills and payments.


Manage articles

Filters allow a specific view on your articles from the iPad. The filters synchronize with Microsft Dynamics AX and can be changed anytime. Stock level and article prices are displayed according to the setup.


Data transfer

Data transfers in real-time between the i-Deal App on the iPad and Microsoft Dynamics AX is managed using the middleware Mobisync, which is integrated into i-Deal. Batch jobs in the ERP make sure that data is streamed back to the iPad periodically. You can choose how often the updates take place.

Your advantage

Central data management
in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Automatic synchronization
of orders

Updates in real-time
of stock level and product availability

Fewer errors
because data is managed in one place

More efficient processing
and less manual labour

Build customer trust
because sales representatives can access all relevant data with a glance

Facts & Features Mobile Order Management


Microsoft Dynamics AX synchronisation with i-Deal

  • product data
  • product information
  • product hierarchies
  • product pictures
  • customer data including contact details

Customers and sales representatives view in real-time

  • relevant information stored in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • stock level and product availability
  • changes in customer data
  • customer discounts and special pricing
  • multilingual set-up

Available for: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Apple iPad

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Our software solution is designed to fit into the standard of Microsoft Dynamics AX. It integrates seamlessly into your current ERP environment and does not take long to being set up. We have to learn more about the software your company is using and your way of storing data and product information. The usage of i-Deal on iPad is very intuitive and not training intensive. We are guiding you along with the initial steps.


Your advantages at a glance:


  • no data loss due to work and storage in the same system
  • all systems and Apps share the same updates of data
  • seamless integration into your Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • automatic synchronization
  • real-time information
  • work offline, sync data when online

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