Perfion 5.0: This changes with the new version

If you need to maintain a large amount of product data, it is advisable to use a product information management (PIM) system. One of the most sought-after systems of this kind is Perfion, which is now available in version 5.0. Perfion 5.0 offers a number of improvements, particularly in terms of user-friendliness. We present the most important innovations.

Revision of the web client

Before version 5.0, there were serious differences between the browser-based Perfion and its Windows version, both in terms of visual appearance and in the way the PIM was handled. With Perfion 5.0, the web client has been largely aligned with the installable software. This not only simplifies switching between the two versions, but also pays off if you maintain your product data while on the road, for example, and want to access it with a tablet. The web client now has a more user-friendly and consistent design, which has also been adapted in terms of color.

Der Screenshot zeigt den Webclient von Perfion


Consistent menu navigation

The main menu of the web client in Perfion 5.0 consists of 6 items (Items, Channels, Feature Data, Dashboard, Tools and Administration). Each menu item has a toolbar with the relevant editing tools.

Drag & Drop

With the new version, the drag & drop principle has been reintroduced, allowing items to be moved back and forth between different categories. The whole thing also works hierarchically, for example if there are different subcategories for one category.

Three different layouts

Three different layouts are available to editors. The compact table layout, which is limited to the essential product information, the more detailed grid layout and the card layout, which has been completely revised in Perfion 5. Product data cannot be edited in the Card Layout. Instead, it provides a quick overview of all relevant information about a product.

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Multilingualism in the grid

The grid of Perfion 5.0 allows to display, edit and translate product information into different languages. Just like in the previous versions, users get the product properties displayed in their base language. A new feature is a language button that can be used to add additional languages from the user’s profile. Each field can also be edited individually.

Im Perfion Webclient lassen sich Produkte jetzt in mehren Sprachen bearbeiten

Read access across all features

Perfion version 5.0 introduced the new read-only feature that can be activated for all product features. With write protection active, the respective feature is locked for editing in the Windows client for all users including administrators. The values can then only be edited programmatically, which prevents them from being changed accidentally and reduces sources of error.

Access to feature data also for normal users

Until now, it was not possible for “normal” users, i.e. those who are not super users or administrators, to access feature data. This changes with Perfion 5.0, which makes it possible to access feature data using user roles. This makes it possible for content creators to edit value tables in a more expedient interface.

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