How OXID eShop sellers successfully exploit the strengths of an ERP system

The challenges of a modern online shop have become highly complex. A beautiful front end is no longer enough to satisfy customers.

Operating an OXID eShop reflects these challenges in various processes which you certainly recognize:

  • The marketing team needs accurate information about website behavior and trends within product groups.
  • The Product Manager (PM) needs data on demand and market demand.
  • Sales teams need analysis of purchasing behavior, fulfilled orders, and preferences for individual products.
  • Customer Support needs details about the order process, failed deliveries and ongoing returns.
  • And controlling must be able to see time-to-date, how quickly the stock is being reduced and if your company is developing according to your business plan.


With many online retailers, all this essential data is still scattered across different systems and software solutions.

The result: media breaks, a high manual effort and thus high personnel costs. In the worst case, the customers also notice at some point that your business is not running smoothly and acknowledges the fact with bad online reviews.


ESYON introduces an e-commerce business app as a Dynamics extension

So what if all the much-needed data were in one place, in the same system? If they were available to customers in the webshop as well as to the individual teams in the Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)? Wouldn’t it be highly efficient if the data set were valid at all times and available synchronously between ERP and online shop?


The solution: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and the Common Data Model.

By using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), Microsoft business apps are not the only advantages available to you to evaluate your
data. With the Power Apps and the new Power Automate (formerly Flow), you get the opportunity to create data streams, evaluations or triggers, even without programming knowledge.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance grows with your business, so you only have to pay for the modules you really need. At the same time, you remain flexible enough to include third-party solutions.

With a new, native interface from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance to your OXID eShop, which ESYON has developed, you can answer the question of centralized data storage, unified systems and software tools for your teams. By keeping all your data up-to-date and keeping it in sync between shop and ERP, you achieve an unprecedented level of efficiency and benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Your business can grow safely and you need to pay only the modules you are using
  • You handle three times the amount of tasks with the same staff

You increase customer satisfaction in your online shop.


The Microsoft Azure Cloud as a basis for your IT infrastructure – with numerous benefits for your online store

Microsoft’s Azur Cloud is capable of far more than just scaling performance if the demand is high. It also works in the other direction and reduces performance and thus costs when there are very few visitors accessing your online shop, for example at night. State-of-the-art technologies such as blob storage make your OXID eShop even more performant. And with data storage in the Azure Cloud, it’s even easier to connect individual power apps with the Common Data Model.

If you want to learn more about how to take the next step in the digital transformation of your online shop, please contact us. ESYON offers years of experience in the implementation and development of ERP systems based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and online shops based on OXID eShop. We look forward to hearing from you!