OXID eShop App in detail: What are the advantages?

Already today, a large part of all online transactions takes place via mobile phones. With the OXID eShop app, we have developed a solution that allows retailers to expand their existing OXID eShop with a mobile channel. We will explain the advantages of the app in more detail in this article.

Every online store needs a mobile solution

It is common knowledge by now: every online store needs some kind of mobile solution these days. The reasons for this are quickly summarized: The mobile channel is the most attractive one for many customers today, and search engines are placing more and more emphasis on mobile optimization. However, there are good reasons for retailers to rely on a mobile app instead of a responsive design. We have compiled the most important of them in our blog post 7 reasons why a mobile app makes sense for your e-commerce strategy. In the following blog post, we will focus on the features of the OXID eShop app from ESYON.

Barcode scanner usage for shopping carts

Nowadays, smartphones of all price ranges have the option of barcode scanning. With the OXID eShop app, this can be used to add products to the shopping cart. This is especially handy when items in the warehouse are running low. Medium and large retailers have a broad product portfolio that often includes several thousand items in a wide range of variants, and an item number is seldomly at hand. Instead of laboriously locating the exact product via the search field, it can be scanned and thus added to the shopping cart. This can also be done from the place where the article is used, for example at a construction site.

Customer & product management in one system

Adding another channel to your own e-commerce platform creates additional sales potential, but often also increases the administrative burden. This is not the case with our mobile app. All customer and product-related data can be managed centrally in OXID. Changes to products, prices, stock levels, etc. are automatically synchronized with the app.

Offline capability

Especially within the DACH region, a stable Internet connection is not always easy to find. The OXID eShop app is installed on the user’s smartphone and therefore works even without Internet access. Customers can select items and add them to the shopping cart. Orders and shopping cart updates are sent as soon as access to the Internet is restored.


Do you want to get detailed information about the OXID eShop App from ESYON? In our brochure, you will find all the info you need.


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For online retailers operating in international markets, other language editions are important in addition to the native language. Our app supports a multilanguage setup and thus allows the internationalization of your store.

Shared login

The OXID eShop app supports single sign-on. This means that customers can log in with the same account data via the desktop version and the mobile variant of the store. There is no need to create a second account.

Integration of specific features

Our app supports all standard features of OXID eShop out of the box. In addition, we are also able to implement specific features of your online store for your mobile channel.

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