OXID 6.4: Why you should definitely update to the new version

Shortly before Christmas, OXID eSales AG released the new version 6.4 of OXID eShop. If you haven’t updated your system to this yet, you should do so urgently. In this article we present the most important changes and show you an installation guide for your update to OXID 6.4.

Even more precise targeting thanks to OXID 6.4 and GraphQL

With OXID 6.4, many modules and functions receive an update, including the GraphQL API. Its version changes from 5.1. to 6.0.1. GraphQL enables the development of efficient interfaces and applications. Thanks to the API, it is also possible to run your e-commerce platform in a headless environment, which gives you full design freedom for the layout of your online store. You can create a separate layout for each of your sales channels, optimized for the needs of your target audience. At the same time, you can also play out content in a way that is specific to your target group: For example, you can show your customers their favorite products right at the front of the item overview. This prevents long searches and increases customer satisfaction. Automating the product arrangement process also saves a lot of resources.

More security and an optimized development environment with PHP 8

Every e-commerce platform contains sensitive data, such as the names, addresses and payment information of your customers. It is in your and your clientele’s interest that this and similar information enjoys the best possible protection at all times. OXID 6.4 supports PHP 8, which closes some major security holes of previous versions. This is another important reason why you should update to the new version of OXID eShop.

Besides security aspects, PHP 8 also has a number of quality-of-life changes. With the help of new commands, the development process is noticeably accelerated and simplified compared to older PHP versions. This allows you to shorten time-to-market and respond more quickly to everyday business circumstances that require adjustments to your online platform. Code compilation is also improved with PHP 8, which has a positive impact on performance.

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Install and update OXID 6.4

You can update your existing store to OXID 6.4 or install it under the new version in just a few steps. OXID eSales has published installation instructions for both processes.

In case of an update: Before you make the switch to the new version, you should always create a backup of your entire online store so that you can restore your data in case of an error. It is also recommended to perform the update in a separate test environment first to make sure there are no compatibility issues with the modules you are using.

Update to OXID 6.4

Install OXID 6.4

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