Amazon Marketplace Connector Webinar

Steffi Greuel 2 Minutes

Webinar: Amazon Marketplace Connector - Manage Amazon Seller Central Using Dynamics 365 and Watch Your Business Grow!

This webinar has already taken place. | Join our webinar to discover how our innovative solution seamlessly integrates Amazon’s Seller Central with Dynamics 365 FSCM without middleware, giving you back time to focus on business growth.

ESYON's Amazon Marketplace Connector gives you the ability to automate processes, sync time-sensitive information, and manage your financial accounting right from your D365 FSCM.

This Webinar is for businesses with large Amazon Marketplaces who also use Dynamics 365 FSCM and IT Consultants who serve this customer base and are interested in our Partner Program.

In the approximately 60-minute online event, Roan Dominguez and Kathryn Nenning will address the following points:

  • Save Time and Money: Automate processes such as orders, invoices, returns, and inventory updates from Dynamics 365, eliminating bottlenecks and allowing you to scale your business without requiring additional personnel
  • Fulfill Amazon Requirements: Meet tight turnaround times with automated synching between Seller Central and Dynamics 365, including shipping and tracking information
  • Manage Amazon Payments: Immediately address any open settlements and delayed Amazon payments directly from your D365
  • Inventory Updates: Ensure you always have accurate stock information with automatic synchronization between Seller Central and D365.
  • ESYON’s Amazon Cockpit: View, manage, and control all your Financial Accounting, including Amazon fees for informed decision-making and performance optimization

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Picture of Employee Roan Dominguez
Roan Dominguez
Software Developer

Roan Dominguez, born in Texas, discovered her passion for computer science early on and earned her degree from the prestigious University of Texas in San Antonio. Her enthusiasm for databases led her to join the team at Esyon in 2021, where she further honed and refined her skills. Since joining Esyon three years ago, Roan has been deeply involved in working on the Amazon Connector (AMC). Through her expertise and tireless dedication, she has significantly contributed to the development of new features and optimizations that have made the AMC a robust and efficient tool.

Kathryn Nenning
Kathryn Nenning
Marketing and business developement professional

Kathryn Nenning is a marketing and business development professional spearheading ESYON's Amazon Marketplace Connector expansion in the US. She focuses on developing strong relationships with both end-users and IT consultants who have customers who have large Amazon shops and use Dynamics 365 FSCM. Through a comprehensive Partner Program and tailored support services, Kathryn empowers IT consultants to deliver enhanced value propositions to their clients, fostering long-term success.