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Anna Schmidt-Ziegler 7 Minutes

Voltus GoLive: A Successful Combination of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud, and OXID eShop in B2B and B2C E-Commerce

Visually, nothing has changed for Voltus GmbH's online shop upon going live, but significant developments have occurred behind the scenes. Recently, a modern integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud, and OXID eShop was successfully launched. This technically sophisticated transformation has not only increased the efficiency of Voltus's online shop but also significantly boosted customer satisfaction through faster order processing and enhanced security. The initial feedback has been consistently positive. We sincerely thank Voltus for their collaborative partnership and trust in our team.

Voltus GmbH specializes in the distribution of electrical materials and has built a strong reputation in both B2B and B2C e-commerce sectors with a wide range of products. Their strategic focus on quality and customer satisfaction has strengthened their market position, which is further supported by the new integration. In addition to their core offerings, Voltus provides innovative smart home solutions and is known for personalized customer service. The company also continuously invests in technology and sustainability.

Voltus – Powerful E-Commerce in B2B and B2C Sectors

Given the vast number of items and a multitude of product categories, it's evident that one of the challenges during the project lay in the complexity of the products. The various system components had to be seamlessly integrated to ensure smooth communication among them. This required not only technical expertise but also reliable collaboration between the teams of Voltus, Modus Consult, and ESYON.

The integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud, and the OXID eShop has demonstrated the importance of leveraging innovative technologies and strong partnerships to succeed in a highly competitive market.

The project presented us with challenges that, thanks to the excellent and reliable collaboration of Voltus, could be successfully resolved. Close cooperation with the client is crucial for such large projects.

- Rolf Primus, Projektmanager bei ESYON

Successful Synergy: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud, and OXID eShop in Action

Various technologies and products work hand in hand in e-commerce, creating an ideal combination for different online platforms. At Voltus, we successfully integrated three of these technologies:

Enhancing Efficiency with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365 enabled significant advancements at Voltus. Dynamics 365 offers a comprehensive ERP solution that integrates and automates all processes. By enhancing these business processes, Voltus was able to optimize its operations and better meet customer needs, thereby increasing efficiency in internal workflows. This improvement resulted in a substantial reduction in manual work, allowing employees to focus on value-added activities.

Flexibility and Security with Azure Cloud

Utilizing the Azure Cloud provides Voltus with increased flexibility and security. Azure's cost-effective infrastructure allows Voltus to quickly adapt to changing market conditions while reducing operational costs. Voltus reduced downtime by 50% and significantly enhanced data security with Azure Cloud.

Azure also offers advanced analytics tools and AI capabilities, enabling Voltus to make data-driven decisions and continuously optimize business strategy.

Under the Hood: Upgrading OXID eShop

While there hasn't been a new design overhaul, significant improvements have been made under the hood for the benefit of Voltus customers. The upgrade of OXID eShop introduces enhanced functionalities such as faster loading times through WebP image format support and optimized module management. Improved search functionality and the modern template engine Twig make it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Support for MySQL 8 and Composer 2.7 contributes to a more stable platform, while enhanced developer documentation facilitates maintenance and further development of the online shop. In summary, the new upgrade includes the following features and optimizations:

  • New Template Engine Twig
  • Support for MySQL 8 and Composer 2.7
  • Optimized Module Management
  • Support for WebP Image Format
  • Automatic HTML Escaping in the Frontend
  • Enhanced features such as Tracking URLs per Shipping Method
  • Command Line Setup
  • Template Cache Optimization

These improvements ensure better performance, increased security, and an optimized user experience for Voltus customers.

Rolf Primus in a Interview

To wrap up, we conducted an internal interview to get firsthand insights into the collaboration and the challenges faced. Let's get started:

Anna: Hello Rolf, could you please introduce yourself and the company Voltus?

Rolf: Hello Anna, of course! I have been working as a Project Manager at ESYON GmbH for eight years. During this time, I have implemented numerous B2B and B2C e-commerce projects and integrated several PIM (Product Information Management) systems. One of my main responsibilities is with the company Voltus.

Voltus is an innovative provider of smart and energy-efficient solutions for electrical installations. The company offers a wide range of products and services aimed at making modern buildings smarter and more sustainable.

Anna: Could you explain the goals of the Voltus project and how they were achieved?

Rolf: Certainly. The main goal of the project was to replace the outdated online shop with a new, modern shop that is also mobile-friendly. It was important for us that Voltus customers have the ability to place orders conveniently via mobile devices. The focus was on a quick implementation of the new system. To achieve this, we deliberately avoided extensive graphic elements to prioritize rapid implementation.

Another important aspect was ensuring the existing functions in the areas of payment processing and inventory management, especially concerning major suppliers, as present in the old ePortal. Additionally, a search and filter function was implemented to enable users to quickly and efficiently search for products in the vast assortment.

Anna: What were the key challenges?

Rolf: The biggest challenge was mapping the specific customer processes. The implementation of the ePortal is only part of the whole, but Voltus customers have specific processes that need to be considered. Voltus has sensible tracking in the form of Google Analytics built-in to perform customer behavior analysis: How do customers use the site? Where do they drop off? These analyses had to continue functioning after the shop relaunch.

Another challenge was the smooth display of inventory levels, which are updated several times daily by wholesalers. It is particularly advantageous for an online retailer to always display current inventory levels.

Additionally, integrating with our ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365, was a significant challenge. It was crucial that this interface works seamlessly to ensure efficiency and accuracy in business processes.

Anna: Were there any highs and lows during the project?

Rolf: During the project implementation, there are always some highs and lows that you go through. I can't really remember any significant lows. But some of the biggest successes were the successful relaunch of the shop. It is always a very important step when everything goes live, and it feels really good when everything works smoothly.

Anna: Are you satisfied with the result?

Rolf: I am very satisfied with it. The system has been running stably and performantly for nearly 2.5 months now. In the first 2-3 weeks after the relaunch, there was still a hyper-care phase where some minor challenges arose that required follow-up work - that can happen. We were able to quickly find and implement solutions.

Now we are looking ahead, both in terms of design and processes and payment methods. We will make further optimizations in various areas in the future.

Anna: Do you think Voltus is satisfied with the current result?

Rolf:  Yes!

Anna: What are the current future prospects for Voltus GmbH’s ePortal?

Rolf: We have planned to give the webshop a fresh look, making it look even more modern. We are also working on performance. The shop is already fast, but we aim to equip it with the leading speed in the industry. This is expected to increase customer satisfaction as well as higher sales and revenues for Voltus.

Anna: How crucial is smooth collaboration between project managers and clients for the success of e-commerce projects?

Rolf: What is always important in such projects is, of course, that there is one or more competent contacts on the client side. That was also the case here, and it greatly contributed to pushing the project forward quickly without many discussions. We consistently thought forward and looked little in the rearview mirror. That helps immensely and is definitely a core element. This created a good feeling that we are all pulling in the same direction and really working well together.

Anna: Thank you for your time and insights.


Conclusion of the Go Live

The implementation of these technologies has also laid the foundation for future growth. With a scalable and flexible infrastructure, Voltus is well equipped to capitalize on new market opportunities and continue to thrive.

In summary, the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure Cloud, and OXID eShop offers significant benefits for e-commerce businesses. Voltus GmbH serves as an excellent example of successful implementation.

Are you looking for a solution for your e-commerce business? Contact us and let's explore together how we can advance your company as well.