Free Perfion 2 OXID webinar on June 15, 2021

Simplify your productdata management, shorten process chains and minimize sources of error: A product information management (PIM) enables you to do just that. Perfion has proven to be a particularly suitable PIM for OXID eShop. For this reason, we are organizing a free online webinar together with OXID eSales AG and Perfion GmbH, where you will learn everything you need to know about the interaction of the two systems and the benefits of our Perfion 2 OXID interface. We look forward to your participation on June 15.



Learn how to centralize your productdata management using the Perfion PIM and maintain it for all your sales channels simultaneously. In the webinar, we will introduce you to our Perfion 2 OXID interface and show you how you can benefit from a combination of OXID eShop and the Perfion PIM using best practices.


15. June 2021, 11:00


The webinar takes place exclusively online. A PC with a stable internet connection is required to participate. After successful registration you will receive a link to the webinar.

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What is Perfion-2-OXID?

With our Perfion 2 OXID interface, the information from the PIM can be transferred to OXID eShop without any loss of information. In the process, data synchronization can take place at set intervals and, if desired, in real time. Thanks to integrated filter functions, you also have the option of transferring only the data that should actually appear in your OXID store.

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