OXID Shop for Dynamics 365 – A powerful unit of a Shop and ERP

Omnichannel online retailer often waste valuable time, because of manually synchronizing data from their channels. Often, customer retention opportunities and the resulting increase sales increase remain untapped. For Microsoft Dynamics users, the OXID Shop for Dynamics 365 is an optimal way to integrate, automate and optimize processes fully.

The connection of ERP and Shop with enormous Advantages

Numerous e-Commerce companies use the powerful ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and benefit from the advantages of the cloud-based solution. However, existing sales channels and shop systems are often not or only incompletely integrated into Dynamics 365, resulting in a high manual effort and economic disadvantages. There is precisely where the OXID Shop for Dynamics 365 comes in. ESYON developed the shop solution, which covers both the B2B and B2C areas. You can also use the Software as a supplier portal. No other German shop system has been implemented more frequently than the high-performance, user-friendly and intuitive solution of the Leipzig-based supplier. OXID opens the access to Web, mobile, Store and further Internet channels in the Responsive Design. As a multi-language and multi-currency capable multi-shop solution, the system is also suitable for global use. A central feature, however, is the complete real-time integration with Microsoft Dynamics.


Customer benefits and internal optimizations

The OXID Shop for Dynamics 365 improves both internal processes and the user experience. Master data such as products, product characteristics, customers, articles, assortments, orders, and complex price logic are managed in the ERP solution and transferred to the shop system. Changes to inventories, prices or items are available in real time in OXID. In the shop, customers, in turn, have access to their channel-independent order history, article availability, customer and article-specific prices and multilingual information. It is also possible to change customer data and retrieve invoices in PDF format online.

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Numerous e-commerce companies are currently still using the OXID eShop in isolation. Here it is obvious to switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 to tap the full potential of integrated processes. Besides, Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP solution has numerous other advantages. It enables effective management of customers, products, price structures, inventories, and logistical processes. Integrated analysis options, sophisticated workflows, BI modules and the general advantages of the cloud also speak for Dynamics 365.
The combination of OXID Shop and Dynamics 365 can be described as a combination of two powerful technologies. The advantages of an integrated e-commerce solution of this kind are permanently integrated processes, a lower error rate, improvements in customer service and higher customer satisfaction. Of course, these factors also have a positive effect on the operating result.