OXID eShop interface now for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Shop Management 6.0 – with ESYON’s new shop interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, online merchants can set up and control professional OXID eShops directly via Microsoft’s cloud-based ERP system. Shop operators benefit from lean administration processes and highly automated synchronization of their online sales channels.

Advantages of an integrated solution


  • No double data storage
  • Consistent data – All systems on the same level
  • Automatic data transfer from ERP
  • Simple and fast shop setup
  • Real-time communication between ERP and shop
  • Automatic synchronization

Fully integrated eCommerce solution

ESYON’s OXID eShop interface enables online merchants to set up their webshops quickly and easily directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365’s standard retail channel concept and keep both systems on the same footing.

For seamless eCommerce integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365, ESYON’s webshop solution offers a variety of automatic synchronization algorithms and user-friendly real-time functions in the OXID shop front end (order history, invoice retrieval incl. PDF on the fly).

Efficient delta-loading only transfers changed data to the eShop, thus saving the system resources of the online shop.

Automatic user account setup in the webshop

The OXID interface for Microsoft Dynamics 365 automatically creates a user account in the shop for all active accounts receivable contacts in the ERP system that assigned to the address book of the retail channel. If accounts receivable are changed or deactivated in Microsoft Dynamics, these changes automatically transferred to the shop.

Automatic transfer of articles and assortments

The OXID interface automatically transfers all master data of the released products and product variants as well as the article assortments assigned to the channel via Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the OXID eShop. Changes made in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to articles and article categories as well as article category nodes automatically transferred to the shop during the next synchronization run.

Complete transfer of the price logic into the Web-Shop

The OXID Web-Shop completely maps the price calculation logic stored on the customer’s account via trade agreements in Microsoft Dynamics 365. So even complex customer-specific price configurations such as graduated, special and seasonal prices or specific currencies can be transferred to the shop.

Fully automatic new order creation in the ERP System

Orders via the OXID eShop automatically imported into Microsoft Dynamics 365 as orders with all relevant order details and items.

Real-time customer portal for a maximum overview

The customer portal of the OXID eShop offers a clear overview of the order status and a channel-independent order history at any time from Microsoft Dynamics 365. All orders and invoices placed can be called up in the shop front end for the respective debtor. Invoice PDFs generate on the fly in real time.