KUBO geht mit neuem Webshop an den Start

A customer-specific shopping experience with simultaneous time savings thanks to central data management: Many companies in e-commerce are likely to define the goals of their process optimization in this way or something similar. For the Swiss service and technology partner KUBO, ESYON has implemented exactly that in cooperation with our partner, the Ambit Group, for the company’s new web store.

KUBO – Technology with customer focus

KUBO Tech AG sells O-rings, seals, molded parts and much more. For the company based in Effrekton, Switzerland, the focus is on the customer. This claim should also be reflected in the online store, which, for example, allows customer-specific prices, discount promotions and/or articles.

Because a wide range of information can be retrieved on the products, the store offers a correspondingly large number of filter functions and semantic search suggestions. For example, articles can be filtered by color, quality, hardness, profile width or approvals. The filter options available to customers depend on the searcher’s input. For example, the search recognizes whether a ring or a seal has been searched for and provides corresponding filters. This enables an intuitive shopping experience despite the large amount of information.

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Fully automated processes thanks to Webshop 2.0

The special feature of KUBO’s new online store is that all data and functions are based on the fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics ERP. This enables the automation of cross-national processes and gives KUBO the opportunity to focus on its core business. The company stores over 5,000 items in so-called Kardex Towers. When an order is triggered, the information from the web store is forwarded directly to the ERP system. The order is created and the products are automatically selected by the staging system.

When a delivery is ready for shipment, the picking list is printed and the posting of the delivery bill is triggered. A shipping service provider is directly connected to the system so that the necessary shipping label can also be automatically created and printed. If required, specific information on the export and information on the country of origin can be found on it.

ESYON – Your Partner for Mircosoft Dynamics 365

In over 10 years of company history, ESYON has already enabled numerous medium-sized companies to make the leap into e-commerce. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we have first-hand knowledge in dealing with Microsoft Dynamics 365. If you also need support in integrating a functional ERP system, simply contact us.


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