How to combine work and family at ESYON

Our employee Marit talks about her daily work and her experiences as a consultant

How to reconcile professional life with family and private activities is reported by our employee Marit. In the interview, she tells us what her working day looks like and what freedoms and advantages she values at ESYON.

Marit, why don’t you tell us about the field you work in and how you came to ESYON.

I am employed as a consultant at ESYON and take over the consulting and project conception for the PIM system Perfion. The aim is to configure the software specifically for the customer so that the customer’s data model and customer requirements are reflected in the application. My tasks also include the accompanying training of customers in the system.

I became aware of the position as a consultant through a private contact at ESYON. Admittedly, I had not even read the job profile on the website beforehand. Very early on, there was a direct exchange about the requirements and wishes of both sides and I felt very comfortable with the decision to become part of the ESYON team.

What did you pay attention to when making your decision?

For me, working independently plays a major role. On the one hand, this includes how I organise my day and my tasks, and on the other hand, how I prioritise and set priorities. I have found all this again at ESYON.

„I really appreciate the fact that as a consultant you get so much freedom and that approaches to solutions are always discussed at eye level“.

Personally, I also like to be fully informed and therefore I am also very pleased with the transparent information policy at ESYON. From a previous employment relationship I know how unsettling it can be for employees, too, not to have access to all news or to receive it only because of a certain professional level. It is nice not to have these hierarchies here at ESYON.

What does your everyday work as a consultant look like?

As a rule, I try to structure my day so that I serve a maximum of two customers. In addition to checking the current project status and the associated tasks, I support the introduction of Perfion in the company. For example, if the project has just started, the initial analysis and structuring is also part of my job.

Above all, I find it important to be able to deal with the tasks in peace and quiet, even over several hours.

„At ESYON I have a working environment where I can really concentrate and where you can clearly see the progress of the project.“

Any administrative issues and processes are reduced to a minimum. As a team, you can react quickly and coordinate and communicate in short distances.

How do you communicate with your customers and do you travel a lot as a consultant?

About 20 percent of my tasks are related to communication with the customer. In addition to the initial kick-off, this includes training and the final project handover as well as coordination during the project. Today, we can map a considerable part of this remotely, so that the number of days of presence per month is very low. Particularly with regard to the Corona situation, we and our customers appreciate communication via online platforms and digital meeting tools. The online affinity of our customers, which automatically arises from their e-commerce industry environment and facilitates remote working, is also an advantage.

How do you combine work and family life?

The flexibility of communication can also be seamlessly transferred to working hours and work location. I have deliberately opted for a 35-hour week. This means I can also spend the afternoon with the children. For doctor’s appointments or appointments with craftsmen, for example, I can flexibly organise my time and come to work a little later or work in a relaxed manner in my home office. Of course, it’s clear that customer deadlines and appointments are kept and that you orientate yourself accordingly. So it can happen that you can get a few hours off in one week and then lose some in the following week, leaving more time for family.

„True to the motto: healthy body, healthy mind – many of the employees use the flexible working hours to go to the fitness centre before work or to go jogging.“
What else speaks in your favour for a good work-life balance?

Personally, I find it a luxury that we have a canteen here in our office building. This means you don’t have to worry about food at all. As colleagues, we very often have lunch together here. As my whole week with the children is very busy and there is little time for social exchange, I really enjoy this friendly gathering.

Dear Marit, thank you very much for your honest words and interesting insights. We are very much looking forward to many more joint projects and a continued pleasant cooperation.
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