New functions for the Amazon Marketplace Connector: More control over your business

Lack of transparency and control are two of the biggest challenges our customers face when dealing with Amazon Marketplace. We have added a number of new functions to our Amazon Marketplace Connector to help you overcome these problems and gain a better overview of your sales. We will introduce you to these in this article.

In short: What is the Amazon Marketplace Connector?

With the Amazon Marketplace Connector, you can connect your Amazon Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 FSCM. The connection has many advantages, such as the automation of numerous standard processes, which saves you a lot of time, a consistent database and a clear presentation of all payment flows. The integration can be done with any Amazon Marketplace.


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Marketplaces offer a lot of reach – but little control

Millions of customers buy on Amazon every day. The marketplace’s reach and popularity form the foundation of many traders’ online business, as the e-commerce leader from Seattle often provides the most important sales channel.

The challenge for companies is to keep track of their daily business with the marketplace. Amazon Marketplace offers little to no automation of standard processes and also lacks a convenient financial overview. These are also the reasons why customers repeatedly tell us about the feeling of not being in the driver seat and losing control of their Amazon business. Manual processes also inhibit the scalability of businesses.

We have made it our mission to help businesses overcome these inhibitions. To this end, we have added a number of new features to our Amazon Marketplace Connector.

Amazon Marketplace Connector: New functions at a glance

Being close to our customers is important to us. That is why we have further developed our Amazon integration so that it helps to better screen the Amazon Marketplace.

Checking Settlement

With our new feature, Checking Settlement, you can easily check whether the details in Amazon’s settlement report match those in your Microsoft Dynamics. This allows you to easily identify discrepancies in orders and returns, or the associated fees.

Import Inbound Shipment

With Import Inbound Shipment, you’ll never lose track of the shipments you send to Amazon’s shipping centre as part of the FBA programme. Receipt is confirmed by Amazon, which improves inventory management. Request, receive and log inbound shipments and shipment items. You can also import transfers using a batch. The import can be created manually via the cockpit.

Default Customers per Marketplace

This function allows you to create your own default customer for each Amazon Marketplace. When activated, a new tab “Default Customer by Marketplace” appears in the Amazon parameters, with which the default customers can be uniquely assigned. The feature simplifies the management of orders and is particularly useful for companies that sell via several Amazon domains.

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Specify Movement Journal for Return + Adjustment Events

We’ve rearranged the online store form and added an Inventory tab. This contains details of stock locations, incoming shipments, removal orders and the new ‘Inventory Adjustment Journal’ field, which can be used to achieve a clear separation between your Amazon business and other stores in Microsoft Dynamics 365. If the field is left blank, the LossProfit journal will be used for return adjustments and adjustment events as before.

Destination Based Charge Codes

If you sell within the EU, a different VAT rate applies depending on the destination country. Our Amazon integration allows you to automatically assign tax codes based on the delivery address of the order. In addition to VAT, this also allows you to determine any Amazon charges that apply.

Vorteile des Amazon Marketplace Connectors

There are many benefits to be gained from integrating your Amazon Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365, which are seamlessly complemented by the new features of our Connector.

Automation of processes: Standard processes such as invoicing and posting transactions occur daily and tie up a lot of resources. With the Amazon Marketplace Connector, you can automate these processes, which saves time and minimises sources of error.

Scalability: Automating manual processes speeds up your operations and enables you to complete more transactions in less time. This paves the way for scaling your business.

Inventory management: With our Amazon integration, your inventories are synchronised with Microsoft Dynamics in real time. In this way, impending bottlenecks can be recognised in good time and shortages avoided.

More transparency: Since your payment flows are automatically recorded in Microsoft Dynamics, they are clearly prepared and available at any time. This creates more transparency and makes your Amazon business evaluable.

Settlement control: With the new functions of the Amazon Marketplace Connector, you can check the accuracy of the Amazon settlement report and make sure that you have correctly posted the payment flows from your Amazon business.

Consistent data: Product, financial and customer data are stored centrally in Microsoft Dynamics. The ERP thus acts as the hub of your business, allowing you to manage all channels. With the help of the new inventory adjustment journal, a clear separation can also be made between Amazon and your other PoS.

Internationalisation: With our solution, any Amazon Marketplace can be connected to Microsoft Dynamics, allowing you to sell internationally across multiple Amazon domains.

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