FBA Shipment & Label Printing: Das sind die neuen Features des Amazon Marketplace Connectors

ESYON is constantly developing its products, including the Amazon Marketplace Connector, which already received two new features at the end of 2020: FBA logistics and shipping labels as well as the correction of incorrect FBA & FBM shipping addresses. In the following, we will take a closer look at both features.

What is the Amazon Marketplace Connector?

The Amazon Marketplace Connector brings your cloud-based ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics Finance, together with your Amazon Business. ESYON’s Dynamics 365 app provides a fully integrated solution to position your entire product portfolio in Amazon. In the process, the updating of product lists, inventories and prices is automated, which significantly simplifies processes and enables central data maintenance in Microsoft Dynamics Finance. The tool can be used equally for Amazon FBA and FBM.

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New functions

Technological innovations and customer requirements are what drive us in the further development of our products. The following features now complement our Amazon Marketplace Connector.

FBA Logistics and Shipping Label

Using FBA Logistics, you can manually select the SKUs you want to submit to Amazon or use an Excel spreadsheet with the corresponding products via an Office integration. After that you can create a stock transfer order in Amazon Cockpit with just one click.

The shipping label can be downloaded and printed directly. As soon as Amazon receives the shipment, the stock transfer order is automatically completed. The status of your stock transfer is synchronized between Amazon and Microsoft Dynamics 365, so you can keep track of each of your stock transfer orders at all times. In this way, the logistics of your FBA business are greatly simplified.

Correcting incorrect shipping addresses with Amazon FBA & FBM

Both Amazon FBA and FBM allow customers to choose their shipping addresses completely freely, which makes them highly susceptible to errors. If you use Dynamics 365 Advanced Warehouse Management, the sale will be interrupted because no sales order can be created if the country or region designation is missing or incorrect. With the Amazon Marketplace Connector, ESYON now provides a solution to this problem: a mapping table that can be used to manually store the most common misspellings directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This can be connected to the correct region in Dynamics Standard, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly post-processing in Order Management.

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