Integration of your eCommerce sales channels into your ERP system

Integrating your eCommerce system with your back office software is a great way to achieve your goals. From customers to catalog management and accounting to shipping requirements, by placing bi-directional communication between the eCommerce system and ERP, your business saves time, money and effort and ultimately promotes growth.

This integration enables you to work more efficiently as a company. Your most important data types – order, inventory, item, customer and shipping/tracking – are exchanged between your once independent systems. By simplifies and unifies the shopping experience.

This solution benefits both the company and the customer:

New orders can be easily entered and executed, regardless of where the sale takes place. Products and prices can be managed from a single location, giving you accurate and consistent product information. Customer notifications can be automatically executed when orders are shipped. You also benefit from optimized inventory synchronization and easy tracking of updates.
Reduced manual entry saves time and improves business efficiency. Misspellings are more likely to be avoided when entering order, inventory, item, customer and shipping data.

You can simplify purchasing for your customers through eCommerce in ERP Integration. It enables short delivery times, the simplification of returns processing as well as real-time tracking of the delivery route of the order placed.
Your customers are granted access to their channel-independent order history, article availability, customer- and article-specific prices and multilingual information in the shop. The customer’s data can be easily changed, and invoices can be retrieved online in PDF format.

Customers can inform themselves independently in the portal with the help of the integration of eCommerce into the ERP system.


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