IDS interface: Link between craftsmen’s merchandise management and wholesale seller

The procurement of materials is an everyday process in the skilled craftsmen where electronic data traffic offers great potential for time and thus cost savings. These are realised with the help of the so-called IDS interface, which enables, among other things, paperless order processing and the transfer of the shopping basket from order creation to the final order. ESYON offers an IDS interface for OXID eShop.

What is IDS?


The integrated data interface (IDS) offers craftsmen a way to connect their own software systems with wholesale shop systems. The IDS interface enables an easy and comfortable exchange of products, prices and shopping baskets in e-commerce. The standardised interface was developed by ITEK GmbH in cooperation with the associations Bundesverband Bausoftware e.V. (BVBS) and Deutscher Großhandelsverband Haustechnik (DG-Haustechnik).

Advantages of IDS

  • Creation of orders and offers from the merchandise management system of the seller.
  • The online shop of the wholesaler is integrated into the merchandise management system and is directly available in it.
  • There is no need for an additional login or to switch to the browser.
  • All shop functions, such as product information, search, filtering, information such as prices and availability can be called up.
  • Quotations or orders in the merchandise management system can be enriched directly with products from the shop. The shopping basket created in the process can be transferred to merchandise management with a mouse click and/or ordered immediately.
  • If the customer’s offer is accepted and an order is placed, the required items can be transferred directly from merchandise management into the shop system.
  • Time-consuming changing of applications with writing out the positions and transferring them to the craftsman’s offers and orders is no longer necessary.

Note: This effort is even avoided twice with IDS: both when entering the offer by writing out the item positions and when later entering the order with the wholesaler.

Requirements for the use of IDS in OXID Shop

In order to establish a connection between the software system of the craftsman and the wholesaler via the IDS interface, a few prerequisites must be fulfilled. First of all, the online shop of the wholesaler must support the IDS functionality and be connected to the open process directory service for electronic B2B processes “Open Connect”.  The same support must also be provided on the part of the seller. If OXID eShop is used, a suitable interface module is required.

The IDS extension for OXID eShop from ESYON

ESYON has developed an IDS extension for OXID eShop. We offer support and maintenance and constantly develop our module further in case of adaptations in the OXID standard and/or IDS extensions. Would you like to arrange a consultation appointment? Contact us without obligation!

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