New feature for the Amazon Marketplace Connector: FBA Replacement Orders

At the end of 2020, we already added two new functions to our Amazon Marketplace Connector. Now another feature is available: FBA Replacement Orders. We explain all about it in this article.

What are Replacement Orders?

Replacement Orders come into play when you use Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). In this case, Amazon is authorized to replace an item due to a return. The new item is shipped directly to the customer, and the returned item is usually shipped back to your warehouse, according to your FBA agreements with Amazon. Amazon does not charge any fees for this so-called Replacement Order.

New Feature: FBA Replacement Orders in the Amazon Marketplace Connector

Since Replacement Orders are also inventory changes, they must be entered and correctly accounted in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Our Amazon Cockpit now offers exactly this possibility. The porting of Replacement Orders is realized in the same way as for Return Orders. Replacement Orders can then be correctly accounted per batch job. Your calculations with Power BI remain unaffected by the booking, as no fees are incurred for the Replacement Order.

About the Amazon Marketplace Connector

The Amazon Marketplace Connector by ESYON forms the link between your Amazon Business and Microsoft Dynamics Finance. With the Dynamics app, your entire product portfolio can be placed on Amazon. Product lists, inventories, prices, etc. are automatically synchronized, enabling central data maintenance in Microsoft Dynamics Finance. The Amazon Marketplace Connector can be used for both Amazon FBA and FBM.

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