TARGIT BI Suite – Product Details

TARGIT Decision Suite

Business Intelligence Tool

Make decisions faster, improve business processes, reduce costs and increase profits with the TARGIT Decision Suite – the business intelligence software solution from TARGIT. Regardless of the industry and your position in the company, you will benefit from TARGIT. Thanks to its rapid implementation and standardized, easy-to-use software, your investment will pay for itself within a short period.


TARGIT prepares data from a cube visually and enables users of different qualification levels to create evaluations independently and automatically. The simple user interface and the structured structure avoid obstacles when accessing information. Help your company to make better use of existing knowledge.

Are you looking for flexibility?

No problem! You can access the Business Intelligence Suite from TARGIT on a desktop PC as well as on mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones. Nothing stands in the way of the analysis of data in Excel or CSV format. You can integrate them by drag-and-drop. Do you have numerous data sources that you want to analyze in the same application? This is also no problem with TARGIT! Call up current analyses from your ERP system, social analytics applications and Hadoop system in your dashboard.




With the world’s largest provider of business intelligence, you have the market’s leading product at your fingertips.


TARGIT combines all disciplines of Business Intelligence in one solution and is extremely easy to use.


Use TARGIT on your desktop PC in the office, on the tablet in the waiting area of the airport or on the smartphone shortly before your next business appointment.


The individually customizable dashboard provides insight into the appropriate evaluations of business processes with just one click.


Save valuable time and resources with the Notification Agent when you reach your goals or deviate from the norm with instant notification.


ESYON – Service

As an official TARGIT partner, we can offer you a complete BI project.

That includes: Evaluation and conceptual design, project management, installation and configuration, cube design, development of evaluations and application scenarios, training, support



Product description

Product details

TARGIT is a front end data warehouse software. Based on the existing company data, so-called data cubes created within this Business Intelligence tool, which can be easily evaluated by the respective users.

With the TARGIT Decision Suite, existing company data can be displayed graphically and in tabular form, compared with each other and specifically evaluated. The data called up and evaluated by connecting the Business Intelligence Tool with Microsoft Dynamics AX and by importing Excel tables.

The company data permanently monitored with the existing notification agents, and timely reports made in the event of deviations from standards or achievement of targets.

Generated reports automatically sent and exported to Excel and PowerPoint.



Customizable real-time dashboards
Analyses as detailed information from your dashboard or with the help of the Intelligent Assistant
Reporting with one click
Storyboards to visualize the dashboard across the enterprise
Automatic agent for timely information about target achievement or deviations
Mobile access to information with a variety of terminals


System Requirements

Microsoft Dynamics version AX 2009, AX 2012 R2 or AX 2012 R3