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Mit der Business Intelligence Suite von Targit Vorreiter sein und schneller auf Veränderungen reagieren Keep an eye on your company data!

TARGIT Decision Suite – Business Intelligence Tool

Make decisions faster, improve business processes, reduce costs and increase profits with the TARGIT Decision Suite – the business intelligence software solution from TARGIT. Regardless of the industry and your position in the company, you will benefit from TARGIT. Thanks to its rapid implementation and standardized, easy-to-use software, your investment will pay for itself within a short period.


Mit der Business Intelligence Suite von Targit Vorreiter sein und schneller auf Veränderungen reagieren
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Competencies of ESYON

TARGIT Partner

As a long-standing TARGIT partner, ESYON supports the integration and application of the Business Intelligence Suite.

Extraction of data from different data sources
Your data is first centralized to analyze your company data faster and more efficiently. The goal is that relevant data can be periodically retrieved from various data sources and transferred and consolidated in a data warehouse.

Preparation of data in the data warehouse Firstly the data is prepared so that the data warehouse can make data available in a cleansed form for analyses and evaluations. This preparation of the data as well as the loading of the data into the data warehouse takes place automatically.

Design of TARGIT analyses and reports
With TARGIT it is thus possible to analyze important internal and external factors to create an optimal basis for strategic and administrative decisions. For this purpose, the reports available in TARGIT are used to represent the information in tables or diagrams according to requirements.

Developer training and workshops
Based on existing processes, companies will be advised and trained in the independent development of individual evaluations. The workshops always based on the needs and competencies of the respective employees.

Consulting on the Microsoft Dynamics data model
Microsoft Dynamics users have often invested years in entering data into their ERP system. Now is the time to use the data to make decisions faster and turn them into measures.




TARGIT BI Suite - power of decision-making

Use TARGIT for your success

Project Schedule

TARGIT BI Suite - More than Software

Project success based on proper planning and competent project participants. When integrating our solutions, we always pay attention to internal business processes and the existing system landscape.

The following milestones have proven themselves in our previous project work with TARGIT:

  • Needs assessment
  • Specification
  • OLAP development (import from multiple data sources)
  • Training

When TARGIT is introduced or used, the following points are an essential part of the accordance between the project participants:

  • Definition of KPI Key Figures
  • Determination of the data and creation of the data model
  • Data cleansing and data editing

Competencies of ESYON



MS SQL Server
SQL Server contains various Business Intelligence components such as Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS). These components extend the data platform with functions for data integration and data presentation.                                              

OLAP – Datawarehousing
OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) is an analysis method with which users can quickly and easily select data and display it at various Levels.

Cube Design in Visual Studio
Visual Studio designs the Cube. A data source is selected and loaded, whereby dimensions and characteristics can be defined.

Integration Services (SSIS) and Analysis Services (SSAS)
SSIS is used for reading and transforming data from a database. SSAS enables you to execute high-performance interactive queries based on a cube.

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Business Intelligence for your success

Competent Project Partner



TARGIT prepares data from a cube visually and enables users of different qualification levels to create evaluations independently and automatically. The simple user interface and the structured structure avoid obstacles when accessing information. Help your company to make better use of existing knowledge.

 Are you looking for flexibility?

No problem! You can access the Business Intelligence Suite from TARGIT on a desktop PC as well as on mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones. Nothing stands in the way of the analysis of data in Excel or CSV format. You can integrate them by drag-and-drop. Do you have numerous data sources that you want to analyze in the same application? This is also no problem with TARGIT! Call up current analyses from your ERP system, social analytics applications and Hadoop system in your dashboard.


Michael Jähn

Managing Director / JÄHN Handels GmbH & Co KG

“With TARGIT, our sales representatives always receive your current sales figures and can take them into account in their planning. Furthermore, we can query stock levels directly at the manufacturer by connecting external data sources.”