MH OXID4AX - Der schnelle Eintieg ins eCommerce - Ihr schweizer Shop für einen trendigen Haushalt Daniel Hrgetic CEO GmbH „With ESYON we could realize a highly attractive and functional web shop within the shortest time possible.“ erfal Martin Spinnler Project Manager Web Shop erfal GmbH & Co. KG "With the new eCommerce solution we now have a modern web-based service portal for our dealers. They can transmit their orders to us easily and quickly."

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The success of any IT project hinges on planning and people who know what they are doing. ESYON is built on their specialists, who have accumulated years of experience, successful projects and satisfied customers. We excel in project management, consulting and custom development. Over the years we have also focussed on several specific software solutions, for all of which we are certified to make custom developments. But we also strongly believe in the benefit of a standard solution, such as Perfion or OXID.


During projects, you can rely on proved methods for several Microsoft solutions, such as Surestep for Microsoft Dynamics AX. For our e-commerce projects, kanban is our preferred management tool.


To ensure transparency, we are using Jira ticketing system. We are working in Jira together with our customers, so transparency is a given. And our customers can check their project status 24/7 or address the project manager, consultant or engineer involved directly.


We make sure to establish open and transparent communication during our projects. This ensures constant progress and cost control.


Our highly trained specialists are guaranteeing the success of your project.


Microsoft Dynamics


Sure Step für den Projekterfolg


Enterprise Ressource Planning system, or ERP in short, is the most complex of IT infrastructures. ERP Project Management therefore is most complex.


Thanks to Sure Step an implementation can be handled according to Microsoft guidelines.


ESYON uses Sure Step for ERP projects to define milestones and timelines to ensure that the project develops according to budget and quality standards.


Using Sure Step as a project management tool ensures that return of investment, or ROI in short, appears as soon as possible to maximize the revenue gained with a Microsoft ERP solution.

Project Management with Microsoft Dynamics SureStep

Even big ERP projects can be handled efficiently by using 6 steps of the Sure Step programme.


  • Diagnostic
    During diagnosis, we are using gap-fit-analyses or best practice studies to evaluate your IT infrastructure. The diagnostic will help define the timeline of the project and show the first possibilities for a successful implementation in the existing IT infrastructure.
  • Analyzes
    This phase marks the starting point of the project. By understanding your daily business and procedures, a functional requirement document, or FRD in short, is being drafted. The FRD forms the basis for the gap-fit-list and precedes the next phase: design.
  • Design
    During the design phase, your new software solution is being configurated and custom development is being implemented. All technical gaps that appeared during analyzes will be summarized in the technical design document or TDD for short. Gaps can occur in customer-specific requirements, interfaces or the data migration process.
  • Development
    During development, our certified software engineers are programming solutions for the gaps. Code reviews and excessive testing ensure the quality of the customized software solution.
  • Deployment
    Based on the test environment the go-live is being prepared. Key users will get training from our consultants so they can act as a multiplier between the users to check general acceptance and user satisfaction. If everyone is happy with the new system and all test have been completed successfully the go-live will implement our software solution into your IT infrastructure and data migration takes place.
  • Operation
    After the go-live, we keep a close eye on your everyday processes to make sure that training was sufficient and everything runs smoothly.Those 6 steps are followed to make sure that your software project becomes a success, that the timeline checks out and that your budget is met. We value this kind of transparency and are looking forward to working with you!


Communication and transparency on a new level



Ticketsystem für den optimalen Einblick und Interaktion mit allen Beteilligten



We at ESYON are convinced that without transparency, a project can not be successful. Therefore are working with the ticketing-system Jira, giving customers direct access to every phase of the project. You can get in touch with the project manager, consultant or software engineer directly to adjust goals or to trouble-shot during testing.

With Jira we are living our commitment to an agile project management, giving our customers access to the kanban board.

You can check every status of the project 24/7, inform yourself about pending tasks are make sure that crucial decisions have been summarized and communicated correctly.

Jira provides different user roles, making sure you can stay focussed and fnid exactly the information you need.




Transparent project management with Jira

Jira Workflow

Agile planning

Scrum, Kanban or mixed methodology. With Jira, we can adept our workflow to your individual project and not the other way around.


Jira Aufwandsschätzungen

Precise estimation

Estimations of cost and time ensure an efficient workflow. With Jira you are always involved in estimation of budget and expenses.


Jira Backlog

Cost saving prioritization

We can prioritize user stories, bugs or the backlog of tasks together. This makes sure, that tasks which generates the most value for you always come first.


Jira Transparente Ausführung

Transparent implementation

We serve customers internationally and Jira helps us to stay in touch and work together across different time zones. Of course we also available on Sykpe and Microsoft Teams. Everyone shares the same basis of information, guaranteeing a transparent workflow.



Conclusive results

Every party involved receives reliable statements during the agile project management. Analyzing stored data helps reviewing results.


Jira skalierbare Entwicklungen

Scalabale development

Jira keeps up with our project, making it easy to add and share new requests. There are no limits to the size of the project or the to the teams involved.


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