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From data maintenance to the catalog! With Perfion PIM you have a solution for successful multichannel e-commerce. ? Where is your product information secured? unstructured scattered disparate ever-changing Bring all your data sources together. Perfion PIM can be seamlessly integrated into your system landscape and connects all your data sources - so all your employees always have the same information about your products.

Perfion Product Information Management for Master Data Management

With Perfion PIM – Product Information Management – we offer you a solution for successful multichannel e-commerce and marketing. This product is a central, trustworthy source of information for your entire product range.

Enter your product data simply, quickly and clearly in one system!

In Perfion PIM, different types of products can describe in different ways. By drag & drop function you can determine which functions store for which product category. Multilingualism? No problem! Store several languages for your product and arrange the associated data clearly and structured. Do you want to assign a product to several product hierarchies? This is also no problem for Perfion PIM!

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Perfion PIM is a solution by users for users! With a similar interface as the common Microsoft Office applications, you can learn how to use Perfion PIM in a short time.


With Perfion PIM it is possible to manage related information in separate instances or at article level. For example, different product descriptions can record for output in the catalog and online shop.


In Perfion PIM, large amounts of product information can manage quickly and efficiently. For example, information that applies to several product variants can manage via a hierarchy of shared data.


Perfion PIM can be used in the cloud as well as On-Premise, giving you access to your product information at any time.


Perfion PIM is a standard application that allows immediate use of the solution with the help of fast and straightforward install wizards.


The integrated security options of Perfion PIM make it possible to assign permissions to users, which limits the processing of information according to their responsibilities.



Publishing of price lists & data sheets from AXÜberblick zu Perfion mit Darstellung der Möglichkeiten

With Perfion’s integrated catalog management feature, creating and organizing all your catalogs is a breeze. You can even take complete control of the sorting and layout of all individual catalog sections and product items.

Product catalogs with Adobe InDesign

Create your own templates in InDesign, use them in many different products, and combine them with manually created content in InDesign. When product data or images change in Perfion, your InDesign document can automatically update with any changes.




In Perfion’s product data management system, you can easily set up and manage as many channels as you need by dragging and dropping, ensuring product data consistency across all channels.

Web Content ManagementÜberblick zu Perfion mit Darstellung der Möglichkeiten

Perfion helps you quickly improve your Web site presence with much more information thanks to its simple, high-performance XML-based API:

  • Navigation hierarchies (e.g. menus and categories)
  • Customizable product search
  • Product list
  • Pages with detailed product information
  • Photos
  • Technical data
  • Videos
  • product comparisons



Microsoft Dynamics AXPIM und AX kombinieren und das beste aus beiden Systemen herausholen

With Perfion, product data management is 100% integrated into Microsoft Dynamics® AX solutions, whereby current ERP online data such as prices, stocks, etc. are directly used.

Product description

Product details

In Perfion PIM, all product information – product data, images, barcodes, files, etc. – can be captured quickly and easily. The interface, which resembles the common Microsoft Office applications, facilitates the operation of this solution as well as the possibility to adapt the tabular representation of the product data to the requirements by Drag & Drop.

The individual products can group into categories to promote clarity and facilitate data maintenance. By assigning hierarchies, common data of similar products can efficiently maintain and kept up to date.

Each product can be assigned several languages and different texts. For example, it is possible to enter the product once and to store an adapted product description depending on the output medium (catalog, online shop, mobile online shop).


  • Central collection and management of all product information
  • Capture of product data, output texts, image material, files, barcodes
  • Multilingual product layout