Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Digital Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Adept quickly to the ever-changing market and provide a supreme customer experience.


Connect with your customers

Interact with your customers and work together on new solutions. For more customer satisfaction and efficient workflow.

Encourage your employees

Use innovative technologies to motivate your staff and create a new working environment.

Optimize your operation

Intelligent processes and correct predictions will analyse your business and help you to change and adapt efficiently.

Innovative products

Accelerate your go-to-market time by automating your operation. Be able to act to create new opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your company

Microsoft Dynamics 365 in Ihrem Unternehmen

What’s new in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is far more than just an Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). It contains a whole set of Business Application, all hosted in the Azure Cloud. The single applications can be combined like modules and therefore tailored to your individual business case and to your budget. Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines features of its predecessors Microsoft Dynamics AX, CRM or Navision NAV.

You can choose from which Business Application your company should profit. It is possible to book single modules. So Microsoft Dynamics 365 can accompany from the start and support your growth with new Business Applications when you need them.

Cloud and on-premise – the best of both worlds

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was designed with the intent to focus on usability and intuitive usage. It is possible to connect it to the Azure Cloud, your private cloud or to run it locally, without forgoing the flexibility to be modified and enhanced with additional applications outside the Microsoft cosmos.

Recent success stories underline the benefits of a cloud-based ERP, so start with ESYON into the future and transform your business!

 Intelligent solutions – with room for more


Tools to raise your productivity

Microsoft Dynamics 365 integrates completely into the look & feel of the whole Office 365 universe, making it comprehensive to use and enabling you to be more productive from the start. The user interface looks familiar if you have been using any other Microsoft Office product like Outlook or Word.

The connection to the Azure Cloud offers much more than being online on-demand. Your hosted data can be used for industry 4.0 projects, connected to the Internet of Things or being analysed by Artificial Intelligence. Azure makes your data smart.

Integrate other Office 365 solutions to create powerful collaboration tools based on Outlook, SharePoint, Exchange or Teams.

Create Power Apps for interfaces on Apple iPhone iOS or Google Android.

Make use of the Power BI module. The Business Intelligence tool enables you to understand your business better and it helps you to determine what your customers want.

Organized and transparent

ESYON is your Dynamics partner


Expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 with fully integrated Power Apps. We are certified to custom develop anything your business needs.

Dynamics 365 in the cloud

Enhance your operational business with intelligent solutions that are woven into your data in the cloud, enabling you to interact better with your customers (CRM) or to save resources (ERP).


Use only the Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules you really need and save costs.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

ESYON is certified Microsoft CSP Partner and ready to develop any cloud-based application your business needs.

We are consulting you on every detail: From set up your solution in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, to integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 into Azure and to integrate custom-developed software into your IT infrastructure.

ESYON as your Dynamics partner


Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Cloud and on-premise – change your IT infrastructure in your own time, without any downtimes
  • Flexible Business Apps – pay only for the services you really need
  • Get your customers involved – and work together with them to create new solutions
  • Encourage your employees – enable your staff to make a decision based on the data they really need
  • Optimize your operations – Spot new challenges to your business early and act faster than the competition

Get in touch and let us consult you on the possibilities and advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your company.