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Microsoft Azure as an integrated and flexible cloud solution


Known technologies

Based on well-known technologies such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Active Directory, work is possible in a consistent, familiar and stable environment.

Dynamic scaling

Azure allows you to automatically scale your server resources. So you only pay for what you consume.

Flexible prices for your applications

Taking into account your requirements, existing licenses as well as predictable workloads, we offer flexible pricing models.

Seamless integration of more and more cloud services

Over 100 million users have Azure technologies in use, and the range of cloud services is constantly growing. They can all be seamlessly integrated into your system.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a highly scalable cloud platform for the secure use of services, applications and databases. The Azure portal gives customers access to all services, which can be activated on a pay-as-you-go basis. That way, you only pay for the applications you actually need for your business. In addition to Microsoft applications, a variety of third-party software is also available.


Your advantages

  • Deploy anywhere and with your technologies
    Decide when, where, and with what technologies you deploy Azure. Your apps and development style remain untouched.

  • Trusted cloud for a secure business
    Azure focuses on security, privacy, compliance and transparency. Thanks to the Azure Security Center, you can detect threats in time.

  • Innovation & faster integration of new solutions
    Accelerate large-scale projects with fast, seamless integration of Azure apps and services.

  • Targeted Data Analysis for confident decisions
    Azure provides advanced analytics and data services to help you make business-strategic decisions.

  • Stable and performant
    Hosting packages that are too large lead to high costs, while solutions that are too small can prove to be user-unfriendly. Microsoft Azure takes the sizing out of your hands and ensures a consistently high-performance software environment.

Facts & Features


Load Balancer

Web-Server Autoscalling

Database-Server (RDS)






Azure worldwide

Especially for international companies and those aiming for internationalization, the global availability of a hosting solution is of great importance, as too large physical distances would have a negative impact on performance and thus on customer satisfaction. With Azure, Microsoft operates one of the largest server networks in the world. Over 100 data centers ensure that the service is available in more than 140 countries. At the same time, Microsoft Azure is completely CO2-neutral.



Daniel Hrgetic

Managing Director /

„Thanks to AZURE, we can cope with even the biggest rush of visitors. The store is automatically ramped up to the necessary resource requirements and then ramped down again. Worries about performance, reliability and backup are a thing of the past. This was not possible with the previous hosting as a VM.“

We trust in Azure Kubernetes Services

A large community has formed around the open source orchestration software Kubernetes, to which many international companies belong, including Microsoft. Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS for short) can be used to automate the control processes of container-based applications, which has many advantages for our customers.


Shortened Time-to-Market

With the help of AKS, we can provide automated staging, test as well as production environments, which enables us to have fast development sprints.

Increased stability

Since orchestration with Kubernetes increases the level of automation, sources of errors are minimized. Kubernetes automatically detects system failures and initiates a restart.

Reduction of effort and costs

The AKS independently optimize the packing density of containers. As a result, the system is better utilized and resources are used more efficiently. In this way, the infrastructure can be reduced.

Continuous Integration

Kubernetes enables us to do Continuous Integration, CI for short. We can deploy changes to your system in a separate container. This way, for example, updates can be applied without your customers noticing anything.


With Azure Kubernetes, you can host two instances of your store that are displayed to visitors at different times. This gives you precise information about the effects of changes to your store and which variant performs better.

Price advantages through cluster hosting

Azure Kubernetes enables cluster hosting, which allows us to distribute server loads across multiple physical machines, increasing availability without different containers affecting each other. This, in turn, gives us the ability to cloud-host our customers as clusters, which allows us to offer you an attractive pricing model.

Suitable solutions from ESYON


OXID eShop for Microsoft 365 Finance

Most of our Azure projects are interlocked with OXID eShop and Microsoft Finance 365 Fiance. In this way, we offer you a SaaS solution that is characterized by high process stability, a low time-to-market and central data management.

OXID eShop in the Azure Cloud

Stability in all processes and a wide range of integrations are what make OXID eShop stand out. With our SaaS solution, you host your OXID store in the Azure Cloud and enable a fast, uncomplicated market entry.

ESYONs service offering on Microsoft Azure

With regard to Microsoft Azure, we offer our customers a wide range of services.



We are very familiar with the requirements of medium-sized companies from previous projects. We will be happy to advise you on your project with Microsoft Azure.

App operation & deployment

Build on our knowledge of operations and the possibilities that Microsoft Azure offers you. Among other things, we support you with a fail-safe provision of your store via Azure.

Individual development

Microsoft Azure offers great scope for developments of all kinds. Contact us and we will find the right solution for your needs.

Trainings & Workshops

We conduct trainings and workshops where your employees can learn how to use Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider


As a Microsoft CSP partner, ESYON is at your disposal for all questions regarding Microsoft Azure.

We advise you from the setup of your Microsoft solution to the integration and connection of further applications to your IT landscape.

Contact us!


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