Microsoft Azure Service

Microsoft Azure More than just a cloud. Ease your complex environments, discover a top performance and use your Microsoft licenses more efficient. Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services for a maximum of flexibility. Arrange a presentation Cloud Infrastructure Microsoft Azure Plattform as a Service Configuration management, Deployment, CI Integration, Infrastructure Management Software as a Service Dynamics 365, OXID365 and other technologies ESYON Service

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Discover your benefits from a highly flexible cloud solution.


Easy change to cloud

Based on well-known technologies such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Active Directory you work in a familiar, secure and stable environment.

Top Performance

Virtual Azure computer of G and D series based on the latest Intel Cloud technologies and Xeon processors for top performance and realiability.

Dynamical Scaling

Don't pay for unneccessarily big hosting packages. The Azure cloud allows an automated up- and down scaling of resources.

Flexible pricing for apps

Based on your requirements, existing licenses and predictable workloads we offer you attractive prices and flexible pricing models.

Simplify complex IT environments

You don't need to be an expert to maintain your IT infrastructure. That is our job, you can rely on us!

Seamless integration of all Microsoft technologies

Over 100 Million users are working already with a solution from Microsoft. With Azure, you can integrate your existing Office 365 or Dynamics 365 environment into the cloud.

The number of Business Apps for Azure is growing every day

Microsoft provides a number of fully integrated cloud services for data storage, business intelligence, network, online content and many more.

What is Azure about?

Microsoft Azure is a highly scalable cloud platform for a secure use of services, applications and databases. The Azure cloud supports companies in adapting their IT infrastructure by reduced acquisition and maintenance costs.

Applicable at any time and place

You decide when, where and with which technologies you want to use the Azure cloud. The Azure cloud provides you an extensive choice of software solutions and compatible devices.

Trustful cloud for a secure business

Security, data protection, compliance and transparency are in focus. Thanks to the Azure Security Center you recognize threaths at an early stage. Cyber-attacks on electronic ressources are prevented. As 90% of the Fortune 500 companies build your trust in the Microsoft cloud.

Faster integration of new solutions

Speed up your projects by a seamless integration of Azure apps and services. Be ahead of your competition and utilize the benefits of digital transformation.

Secure decisions and app interactions

Azure offers analysis and data services for your business. Artificial intelligence for Apps, Services for forecasts and suggestions as well as business data analysis are possible with Azure Services.

Why is it worth investing in Azure?

Sometimes it is not easy to estimate the ressources required for a stable working and highly performant online platform. Too big hosting packages would boost the running costs to the sky. Too little ressources would lead to long loading times and continuous upgrades. Not to mention peak periodes such as christmas.

Azure takes this challenge seriously and provides scalable and flexible Server ressources as well as CDN, MemCached and NFS-Server. Benefit from Web-Server Autoscalling and only pay for actually used ressources.

 Microsoft Azure application areas in cooperation with ESYON

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Cloud solution with intelligent business applications according to your needs.


eCommerce as a Service - Discover your opportunities with a highly scalable, failure-safe and innovative SaaS technology.

Cloud Solutions

Utilize the powerful AZURE platform. For websites and business portales, Internet-of-Things solutions or Big Data analysis.

Well-structured and transparent

Azure Services offered by ESYON


As Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we advise you on Azure Services and find the best scaling of Microsoft services.

Operation & Deployment

Trust in our knowledge and experience with the Microsoft Azure cloud. We provide support with the failure-safe deployment of your online shop via Azure.


Microsoft Azure is the perfect development environment for a wide range of solutions. Contact us and we will find the best solution for your company.

Daniel Hrgetic


“Thanks to AZURE easily handle even the largest ‘stampede’ of visitors. The shop automatically regulates its resource requirements. Worries about performance, failure safety and backup are things of the past.”

Your Azure-Partner ESYON


Your benefits with the Microsoft Azure cloud at a glance

  • Automized services and applications
  • Failure-safe high performance IT environments for development, operation and maintenance
  • Most reliable cloud service
  • Scalable deployment of computing and storage capacities

Features of Microsoft Azure (extract)

  • Load Balancer
  • Web-Server Autoscalling
  • Datenbank-Server (RDS)
  • MemCached/Redis-Cache
  • CDN
  • NFS-Server
  • Varnish-Server
  • Backend-/Cron-Server


Contact us and we will show how to benefit from the AZURE cloud.


    Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

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