About us – We introduce ourselves!

This is ESYON!

Die Geschäftsführung von ESYON

ESYON GmbH is a software house in Leipzig (D) and Rapperswil (CH) offering professional IT services for companies from industry and commerce.

In the following the management – Ronny Büchner (RB) and Oliver Pankrath (OP) – will answer your questions about the company founded in Göttingen.


How did the idea of ESYON emerge?

Ronny Büchner: During my work as a Microsoft consultant, I often realized that there was potential for special interfaces. To realize my ideas and to offer the market around medium-sized trading companies appropriate solutions, I decided to set up my own company.

Oliver Pankrath: We already knew each other from our studies of business informatics and I was working for a Swiss trading company at that time. Here was the potential! Here these solutions were needed! So we founded ESYON.


What does mean ESYON?

Ronny Büchner: The idea for this name came to me years before the foundation. It was a plain intuition in the direction of “Switching on systems! So “Electric SYstems ON” or in short: ESYON!


What makes ESYON special?

Ronny Büchner: Our many years of experience and understanding of trade processes form the foundation of our work.

Oliver Pankrath: Our team complements this with numerous individual experiences and the pleasure of building up knowledge together.


How do we react to new challenges?

Oliver Pankrath: New challenges are our incentive to outgrow ourselves!

Ronny Büchner: Together with our team, we always approach new topics with the best professional qualifications and know that we have the necessary strength to implement them.

What goals have you set yourself with ESYON?

Ronny Büchner: Definitely growth regarding customers, sales and, of course, employees to keep up with the new challenges.


How do you rate ESYON’s prospects in the market?

Oliver Pankrath: We already see the potential for our solutions and approaches.

Ronny Büchner: Our numerous ideas are new and the market has not yet been exhausted. That is our advantage.


Suppose you had the opportunity to rebuild your business: Would you generally take the same course as before?

Ronny Büchner: Definitely! So far everything ran as it should. We are looking back on exciting projects as well as our great teamwork and have our goals in mind.


The Team

Ronny Büchner

Managing Director

Oliver Pankrath

Managing Director of ESYON Schweiz GmbH

Veronika Zeiner

ERP Consultant

Rolf Primus

ERP Consultant

Linda Schulze

ERP Consultant

Melanie Wahlich

Business Analyst

Daniel Wagner

Business Development & Product Management

Jakob Mühmel


Stephan Burghardt


Markus Süllau


Raphael Frixeder

Student Trainee / Developer