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Integrate Amazon Inventory Management: Accurate and Efficient Processes for Your Business

Online marketplaces like Amazon & Co. are popular among customers because they offer a wide range of products and a particularly convenient shopping experience: With just a few clicks, the desired item is in the shopping cart, and the ordering process is completed. Shortly after, sometimes as soon as the next day, the customer receives their goods.

To consistently meet these quality standards, merchants face daily challenges in terms of inventory management. Within a short period, the product must be located, packed, picked, and shipped from the warehouse. Companies should keep a close eye on their inventory at all times. Selling something that is no longer available can lead to dissatisfied customers and potential damage to the company's image.

To ensure you are protected from these and other issues, this article will show you how to integrate and automate your Amazon Inventory Management with Microsoft Dynamics.

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Amazon Problems: The Biggest Challenges for Sellers (2023)

Selling on Amazon is considered easy and promising. The platform provides some supportive features for Amazon sellers, offers a unique logistics network, and has a huge global reach. However, sellers naturally also face some challenges. These challenges were identified in the Amazon Vendor Survey Report 2022 by Pattern and make it clear that sellers have the biggest issues with Amazon in the area of management: inventory, orders, customer data, returns & more.

In this article, we describe some of the most common difficulties that arise when selling on Amazon and show you how you can eliminate them in the future.

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How to Use Push Notifications for Your Marketing Strategy

When used correctly, push notifications can be an effective tool for an efficient marketing strategy. However, as with many marketing tactics, the key is finding the right balance. In this article, we will explore the benefits of push notifications and how you can use them for your business with the help of our OXID eShop App.

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When Does Your Shop Need a PIM System?

High-quality product information is the key to success for retailers across all industries. Companies that diligently maintain their product data and provide customers with all relevant information can improve their sales and reduce return rates. Product Information Management (PIM) systems simplify the maintenance of product data and offer a lot of potential for improving business processes. But when does it truly make sense to consider acquiring such a tool? In this blog post, we delve into this question.

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Amazon FBA vs. FBM: What Sellers Should Consider in the Current Situation

When sellers distribute their products through the Amazon marketplace, they must eventually decide on a fulfillment system. On the marketplace, sellers can choose between Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). Over the years, the Fulfillment by Amazon method has become established among marketplace sellers. However, Fulfillment by Merchant, especially in the current situation, is gaining more and more interest and followers. As Amazon announced, the in-house capacities for storage and logistics are no longer sufficient, and it is recommended to opt for FBM. We have summarized in our blog post which fulfillment system is now best for sellers and how to perform successfully on the marketplaces through automated solutions.

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GraphQL vs. REST: Which is Better for Interface Development?

CMS and e-commerce systems are not all-in-one solutions for web presence that can do everything. Given the increasing number of new and complex requirements, this claim would be unrealistic. Instead, these systems serve as the foundation upon which a customized website can be built. This has been achieved for some time through interfaces that allow the integration of new systems and functionalities. Representational State Transfer, or REST, has long been the dominant standard for web APIs. However, GraphQL is now emerging as its competitor. In this blog post, we will look at the similarities and differences between both principles and address the question of which one is better suited for your project.

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Azure Kubernetes: All Advantages of Orchestration Software at a Glance

ESYON is gradually migrating the operated online shops to Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS). In this blog post, we will explain what Kubernetes is and the benefits of transitioning to it.

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IDS Interface: Link between Craftsmen ERP and Wholesale

Material procurement is an everyday process in craftsmanship, where electronic data exchange offers significant potential for time and cost savings. These are realized through the so-called IDS interface, which enables paperless order processing and the transfer of the shopping cart from order creation to the final purchase. ESYON offers an IDS interface for OXID eShop.

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OXID eShop App in Detail: What Are the Benefits?

Today, a large portion of all online transactions takes place through mobile phones. With the OXID eShop App, we have developed a solution that allows merchants to expand their existing OXID eShop with a mobile channel. In this post, we will explain the benefits of the app in more detail.

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7 Reasons Why a Mobile App Makes Sense for Your E-Commerce Strategy

The overwhelming majority of online transactions now take place through mobile commerce. This comes as no surprise, considering that, according to, 82 percent of people over the age of 14 owned a smartphone in 2019. Consumers are continuously connected to the internet through their mobile devices, making the desktop largely obsolete for online shopping. In this post, we will explore several reasons why a mobile app is a highly valuable addition to your online shop.