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That's why a PIM is indispensable in multi-channel e-commerce

For many retailers, a product information management system (PIM system) is already an integral part of the implementation of a successful customer journey. Especially in times of digital transformations, the customer experience plays an important role in the sales process and also in differentiating oneself from potential competitors. In the article, you can read about the advantages of using a PIM system and how you can generate more satisfied customers as a result.

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Implementing Labeling Regulations with PIM Systems

Implementing labeling regulations poses challenges for companies in various industries. For example, in the food industry, ingredients, allergens, and nutritional information must be clearly displayed.

PIM systems (PIM = Product Information Management) can help with the implementation of legal requirements. In this article, we explain how.

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We inquire about: How did the integration of Perfion and Infor go for our customer Maincor?

Since November 9, 2020, the new online shop of our customer Maincor has been live. In an interview with Managing Director Michael Pfister, we look back on the project together and talk about special challenges, goals, and how we ultimately realized them.

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When Does Your Shop Need a PIM System?

High-quality product information is the key to success for retailers across all industries. Companies that diligently maintain their product data and provide customers with all relevant information can improve their sales and reduce return rates. Product Information Management (PIM) systems simplify the maintenance of product data and offer a lot of potential for improving business processes. But when does it truly make sense to consider acquiring such a tool? In this blog post, we delve into this question.