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Fit for mobile commerce: online shop modernization at erfal

Already from 2016-2017 we were allowed to accompany the launch of the first webshop of erfal GmbH & Co. KG. In a follow-up project, the B2B store was modernized and optimized primarily for mobile devices. We reviewed the project with Martin Spinnler, Webshop Manager at erfal, and took stock of how the online shop has been received by customers after the relaunch.

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Announcement: The new OXID eShop app is here

Add a channel for mobile devices to your existing OXID eShop and provide your customers with the freedom of an omnichannel solution. Find out everything you need to know here.

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In conversation with Lekkerland: Why did you choose ESYON as your provider for PIM & webshop?

An e-commerce solution was created for Lekkerland's online business, which is specially tailored to the B2B environment and leaves nothing to be desired. A modern webshop was created and integrated with the Perfion PIM by ESYON.

The combination of online shop, PIM plus ERP from Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Promis API and EasyCatalog results in a highly integrated system landscape that was created in just a few months and has been live since April 2022.

In an interview with Marketing Manager Thomas Brandstetter, we review the project together, talk about the wishes and requirements and how they were ultimately implemented.